Find Flow

Being in the moment


This habit is about immersing yourself in activities that fully capture your attention and interest, leading to a state of ‘flow’.


Flow is a psychological state, characterized by deep absorption and enjoyment in what you’re doing.

It mirrors the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, allowing your mind to focus solely on the present task, free from the distractions of part of future concerns.

In our increasingly hectic lives and constant stimulation from social media, it’s easy to lose touch with activities that genuinely engage us.

Moments of flow offer a sanctuary for our minds. Engaging in activities that lead to flow states helps quieten mental noise and stress, allowing us to be fully present and connected with what we are doing. This can lead to greater enjoyment, creativity, and a sense of fulfillment. Flow states also contribute to mental well-being, reducing anxiety and improving mood.


Choose an activity that you find enjoyable and can devote your undivided attention to.

This could be anything from painting, drawing, knitting, reading, solving puzzles, to playing or listening to music. The key is to select a task that requires enough concentration to engage you fully but is not so challenging that it becomes frustrating or stressful.

Set aside at least five minutes each day to engage in this activity, allowing yourself to become completely absorbed in the experience. Pay attention to how these experiences make you feel and the mental clarity they provide.


✅ Schedule regular ‘flow’ time into your week, treating it as important as any other appointment.

✅ Experiment with different activities to discover which ones naturally lead you to a flow state.

✅ Create a conducive environment for flow activities, free from interruptions and external stressors.

✅ Be patient and open-minded. It might take time to fully immerse yourself in an activity and experience flow.

✅ Reflect on the experience post-activity. Notice the mental and emotional benefits, reinforcing the importance of this practice.

✅ Encourage children or family members to join in flow activities, nurturing their natural inclination towards these states and sharing the experience together.