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Habit Tracker

Free app or printable tracker.

A habit tracker is a simple way to measure whether you did a habit.

This could be with a pen and paper with ticks and crosses or a fancy habit-tracking app on your phone.

If you’re serious about building better habits, then using some kind of tracker (at least in the beginning) is a must!

Benefits of tracking your habits:

  • It’s something visible, noticeable, and prompts you to take action every day. Whether it’s a printout that you stick on your fridge or an app that sends you a reminder, a habit tracker makes it easier to remember to do your habit.
  • It’s motivating and encouraging. Progress can take time, so it helps you have a way to immediately see that you’re moving forward toward your goals. As you fill up your habit tracker with ticks or crosses, you’ll get a clear view of whether you’re doing things that move you forward or not.
  • It holds you accountable. We tend to be really good at remembering the times that we were “good” and really bad at remembering the times that we were “bad”. A habit tracker gives you a Bird’s-Eye View of your current habits so that you can see what’s actually going on.
  • It’s satisfying. Checking off your habit each day feels rewarding and satisfying – important elements for building a habit. You can even take things up a notch by building winning streaks and challenging yourself to tick off as many days in a row as you become more and more consistent.

Option 1: Habit Tracking App

There are thousands of habit-tracking apps out there, some a bit more fancy than others.

One of the best FREE habit-tracking apps that we recommend is called HabitShare (iOS and Android).

It’s completely free with minimal fluff and features, but it does allow you to:

  1. Add your own habit(s).
  2. Set a frequency for a habit (daily, specific days, # per week, or # per month).
  3. Set reminders to do a habit (you can have as many reminders as you want at any time on any day).
  4. Add friends and choose if you want to share your habit progress with them for accountability.

Download HabitShare for iOS here and download HabitShare for Android here.

Option 2: Sleekgeek Habit Tracker

If you’re a bit more old-school, then the Sleekgeek Habit Tracker is for you.

It’s a simple printable where you write in your habits and tick or cross them off each day.

Just enter your name + email below and we’ll send you a printable copy to download right away!