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Deep Why

Never lose sight of your why.


Know your Deep Why.


This habit is about deeply understanding and constantly reminding yourself of the reason you’re trying to build and maintain healthy habits.


Your desire to build healthy habits needs to be stronger than your desire to stop when things get difficult.

Knowing your “Deep Why” provides the motivation and persistence required to stick with your plan and persist in the face of challenges.

It can also help guide you in making decisions about what to prioritise and how to track progress.

  • Why is it important that you build and stick with this habit?
  • What will be different if you continue to do it consistently and repeatedly for the next 12 months?
  • What will giving up or abandoning the habit mean for you?
  • What should you prioritise in order to achieve your Deep Why?
  • What does progress look like in the context of this Deep Why?


Go through The 5 Whys Exercise to find out for yourself.

And then most importantly, keep it top of mind.


This might mean writing down your Deep Why each day, or saying it out loud, or finding some way to reinforce the vision of why you’re doing this.

People who are super motivated and committed tend to think about their why first thing in the morning, frequently throughout the day, and last thing at night.


✅ Start your day by writing down or thinking about your Deep Why. Let it be the first thought that gets you out of bed and fuels your day.

✅ Use habit stacking to pair the reflection of your Deep Why with another daily habit, like brushing your teeth or having your morning coffee.

✅ Create visual cues with post-it notes or wallpapers on your phone and computer. Let your environment constantly remind you of your purpose.

✅ Say your Deep Why out loud, especially when feeling unmotivated. The act of vocalizing can be a powerful reinforcer.

✅ Do a nightly reflection where you review your day to see how your behaviours served your Deep Why and plan ahead for the next day.