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Actively chase relaxation.


10+ mins of deliberate relaxation.


This habit is about taking the time to deliberately and actively de-stress.


It’s common to get caught up in a whirlwind of plans, responsibilities, to-do lists, and deadlines.

In fact, for many of us, this is the day-to-day norm.

Rarely do we find ourselves relaxing, unwinding, and de-stressing enough to balance this out. In today’s busy world, we need to make a conscious effort to relax.

Actively seeking relaxation not only refreshes your mind but also recharges your body, prepping you to face challenges with renewed energy and a clearer perspective.


The things that relax us are different for everyone, but the key is that it must be a calming, peaceful, non-stimulating activity.

Walking, reading, gentle music, being in nature, pets, loved ones, cuddling, back tickles, warm bath, gentle yoga, journaling, colouring in, deep breathing…

While getting into a Zen-like state may sound boring or too simple for some, we’d like you to reframe this as chasing relaxation.

Make it your MISSION to de-stress.

So ask yourself:

  • What calms you?
  • What makes you feel more at peace?
  • What slows life down for you?
  • What brings out joy or happiness?
  • What makes life feel simpler?


Zen in, Stress out: Embrace the concept of Zen. Seek moments that help you tap into a meditative state, even if momentarily.

Routine Relaxation: Schedule a dedicated “de-stress” time slot in your daily calendar. Make it as non-negotiable as any work appointment.

Tech Timeout: Allow yourself intervals during the day where you’re disconnected from screens, gadgets, notifications, and social media. It’s refreshing!

Relaxation Reminders: Set reminders to take brief relaxation breaks. These micro-moments can collectively have a significant de-stressing effect.

Seek the Simple: Remember, the best relaxation activities are often the simplest. A few deep breaths or a moment of gratitude can work wonders.