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Day 7 [Mindset] SG NY Kickstart Challenge – Progress Not Perfection


Hey there,

Today I want to take a huge load off your shoulders. You are going to feel relieved when I tell you this…..

Wait for it …..

You do not have to be perfect to succeed at this journey….

Let that statement sink in for a second and internalise it. Because it is the truth.

Does that not feel incredible to know? Do you feel liberated? Maybe even excited. Nervous?

AND There you thought if you could not be perfect that you had no chance of succeeding.

So this is some awesome news right? But there is a catch!

It means you do not have that excuse anymore.

Many people think that if they cannot get things 100% right they simply cannot do it and give themselves permission to give up.

It means you are going to have to work and fight for progress on your journey. It means we are not letting you off the hook so easy.

The newsflash is ….

NOBODY is perfect… The people you think are perfect and get things right 100% of the time are not – it is simply NOT true. All your heroes are flawed (GASP).

I recently watched an incredible documentary on the life of sprinting sensation Husain Bolt. To my surprise he is a reluctant Hero.

Aside from being plagued by constant injury he is also constantly wishing his life was more fun and they he could train less.

His journey is filled with roadblocks and pitfalls yet he will still go down in history as one of the most loves and accomplished athletes of our time.

Hard to imagine that such an icon on some days hates training or even looks for every excuse not to. He has had his share of wobbles.

Very simply…

Success is not a straight line and struggle is absolutely a definite and necessary part of this journey. You have to expect and embrace failure on this journey.

To succeed at this journey all you need to do is make progress. All you need to do is be 1% better each day.

But what does 1% better mean? Continual progress.

You just have to try and beat yesterday. – and if you do not – that is ok. As long as you are consistent and persistent.

For example ….

If you are some who is extremely unhealthy right now and living off take-aways and litres of coke a small change might be replacing coke with coke zero. Or eating more home-cooked meals.

Change can be created with small actions so that you get slightly better each day.

Not everyone can go from living on junk food to eating like a really healthy person overnight.

Even though we run 8-Week Transformation Challenges which are designed to be a spring which can get you out of a rut or break a plateau I like to give people this choice…

Let’s imagine you in a year’s time from now. Close your eyes and picture that quick. What does it look like. What does it feel like?

Option 1 – You spent the next 8 Weeks doing things 100% but then went to 20% afterwards for a while and then went to 100% again and back to 20%

Option 2 – You get things at least 70% right every day for the next year slowly getting better.. 72%, 73% etc..

What approach do you think will deliver you results in the next 12 months?

Option 2 is my guess. Once again proving you do not have to be 100%.

If you think of anyone who inspires you because they have succeeded. Whether it is a celebrity or just someone you know. Their success is not straight line. It never is.

Over my journey I have missed many workouts, eaten really badly at times, had terrible binges, late nights and made plenty of mistakes along the way – YET my life has changed dramatically and I will never be the same again.

ANYONE who has succeeded will tell you this.

So what you really need to take away from this video is that thinking if you are not perfect you have failed is the surest way to fail on this journey.

Welcome the mistakes. Welcome the stumbles. Welcome the falls.. Embrace them all.

Getting back on track as quickly as possible is what sorts the success stories from those that gave up and thought they never could.

YOU CAN! – Now go and be awesome!

Your action

Think of your current health habits.

Now down any areas you want to improve such as nutrition, exercise or sleep.

Now write down one adjustment you can make to make things just slightly better.

For example. If you are sleeping 5 hrs a night at the moment. Try challenge yourself to add an hour and make that 6hrs. You do not have to be perfect and shoot for 8-9 immediately.

Good luck and see you tomorrow!