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Day 2 [Mindset] SG NY Kickstart Challenge – Motivation Versus Commitment


Hey guys,

I wanted to talk about seeking motivation versus making a commitment today.

I think by the end of the video you are going to see that you have been sitting around waiting for something that is never going to bring you consistent, ongoing and lasting results.

Time to bust the motivation myth!

I believe relying on motivation is a massive obstacle to your progress.

That’s quite a strange statement to make right?

After all, we spend half our life trying to find motivation. Motivational quotes, motivational videos and more abound and flood social media.

But if you think about it Motivation comes and goes. It’s a feeling. It’s an emotion. It’s something we try call up or invoke to inspire us to act in a certain way.

Think about how crazy that is?

We rely on a feeling that may or may not come to take action for our lives. That’s almost the same as relying on chance.

And then when we cannot take action it’s our favorite excuse. “I struggle to get motivated” “I’m so demotivated”. I have no willpower…..

I hear it from people every day. But I’m not buying it.

You either do the things you need to do to reach your goals in life or not. It’s not the fault of “motivation”.

It’s time to talk less of motivation and more of COMMITMENT.

That means you simply DO the things you say you will do.

You say you will eat healthy. Do it!

You say you will go to gym in the morning. Do it!

A commitment is a promise or an agreement with yourself. It is your word.

When you keep your word to yourself you feel more empowered. When you break your word to yourself you feel weaker which also evoke really negative forces such as guilt and self pity.

When you have a meeting at work with your boss, staff or clients you simply go. Why? Because you said that you would. It’s a commitment you made and no motivation is required.

If you do not go there will be consequences right?

Well if you do not get healthy there will be consequences too!

Start to make commitments around your health that are small and realistic and stick to them.

Not feeling motivated is NEVER an excuse.

Nobody feels motivated to exercise at 5am on a Monday morning in the cold and dark. If you say you are going to do it then you must simply do it!

There is a story about Comrades marathon champion Bruce Fordyce that his deal with himself was that he would get dressed and get out the front door but if he felt like going back to bed after the first lamp post he would. Do you think he ever went back to bed?

So my message is stop looking to the sky hoping for motivation to take action in your life. Motivation is cool but don’t use it as the scapegoat to shirk doing what you need to do.

Stop moaning that you have no motivation.

Now that we have dispelled the motivation myth let’s dig a little more into the concept of making a commitment.

One of my favourite gurus Robin Sharma says “Your Schedule does not lie”

There’s an old phrase that says “what you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying”.

For example, you can say that your primary value involves putting your family first but if time with your family is not all over your schedule, well then the truth of the matter is that your family life isn’t your priority.

“Show me your schedule and I’ll discover the truth. Because your schedule doesn’t lie.”

Now go and figure out what in your life you are going to commit to.

Your action: Decide on some health actions right now that you want to take in the next 7 days such as

Go to gym

Make a shopping list

Shop for healthy groceries

Prep food

Decide on a time you want to allocate to those and put them in your diary.

Now actually do them. Keep the appointment with yourself.