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Day 14 [Mindset] SG NY Kickstart Challenge – Be Your Own Hero


Hey guys!

Here is a news flash! Nobody is coming to save you.

Not me.

Not your doctor, your personal trainer, your physio.

Not your family….

You have to save you. You have to be be your own Hero.

The fact is that nobody can care about you more than you can.

So make this the year that you start to focus on your SELF

And I want to emphasise the concept of SELF

SELF Serving

SELF Love & Worth

SELF Experimentation

SELF Control

SELF Leadership

SELF Development & Growth

SELF Validation

SELF Reliance

I want to encourage you to be Selfish.

Because being selfish and investing in yourself is ironically one of the most selfless things you can do!

You cannot pour from an empty cup. You cannot be strong for others if you are not strong. They need you at your best.

SO Invest in your best.

I want to focus on the idea of Self reliance today.

In life, we always turn outwardly for everything: Happiness, advice, affection, love, approval, validation.

We ask experts for advice. We use drugs when we’re in pain. We expect others to solve our problems.

Self-Reliance Is The Secret Sauce To Consistent Happiness

One of my favourite poets Rumi said

“The universe is not outside of you,

Look inside yourself. Everything that you want, you already are”

The message is that we should look as much to ourselves as to others.

We do not lack resources in this modern world we lack resourcefullness and we can chose what to consume and when to consume it.

Are you consuming the things that grow you?

Aside from assuming responsibility and making your own decisions one of the most powerful steps to self reliance is to be informed.

If you have kids you would hope that at school they are taught to think for themselves over parrot fashion spoon-feeding.

SO why then do we abdicate responsibility and outsource our health?

You have to put the geek into Sleekgeek and you do that by become passionate and curious about health.

Interrogating what you are told critically. Questioning. Experimenting with ideas and actions.

Becoming ACTIVE in driving your life forward as opposed to passively letting life act on you.

Being a hero does not come from being perfect (or born with some kind of “superpower”).

Being a hero comes from the decisions you make and the actions you take, despite the odds.

—> Think about it: Who do you really find inspiring? <—

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really find the guy or girl on the cover of a fitness magazine inspiring. Respect and admiration to them.

But the people who really inspire me are those who struggle. The ones who show up every single day against all odds and never give up.

It may seem simple, but we’ve seen the power over and over again where one person decides to share their journey in the Sleekgeek Facebook Group and it goes on to inspire hundreds, if not thousands of others.

I love what Lewis Howes creator of the School of Greatness says about the heroes journey.

“Did you know that you are the hero of your own story?

Living life from behind your eyes, you are the protagonist, and you are the author.

You see, on every hero or heroine’s journey, the hero gets lost. The hero nearly dies. The hero wants to give up.

It’s an essential part of the journey, in fact.

If you are lucky, you will find your way back quickly, or after a little time.

Some people get lost for so long they forget what it was like to be themselves.

Sometimes the pain in life can seem too much to bear, and there are those among us who suffer harder, maybe even feel deeper.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering–the story we tell ourselves about the pain–is optional.

We are all heroes and heroines –either answering the call of our highest selves or not. “

So what is it gonna be guys?

Your Action

Write a mantra that you can recite daily reminding yourself that you are the hero of your own story.

For example I wrote this for myself.

“I give myself permission to do something extraordinary on earth”

Write down a simple sentence that speaks to you personally. The sentence needs to be a statement – something that can’t be questioned.

For example:

I am powerful beyond measure.

I choose to be happy.

Every day I become more and more successful.

I am loving and I am loved.

I will succeed at all things I choose to do.

I love my life.

I am strong, healthy and powerful.

Good luck!

It is our final day and so I wanted to say thanks and well done for investing in your health over this 14 day Kickstart Challenge. We have enjoyed putting it together for you!

Keep up the great work! Never quit guys.