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[Day 1] Sleekgeek Mission Possible Challenge


Today’s mission, should you choose to accept is… ⬇️

? Identify healthy foods that you like. ?


1) Download and print out the Sleekgeek Food List (

2) Highlight the foods that you actually like and are willing to eat.

3) Share a pic of your highlighted food list with us in the comments below.


There are so many healthy foods out there that you don’t need to make yourself miserable by restricting your eating to foods like chicken, broccoli, and rice if you don’t like them.

Health should be a positive thing – it should make your life better, not worse.

So, find what you like, and see how you can do more of that more consistently each day.

The Sleekgeek Food List is a list of some of the healthiest foods that you can easily and immediately start adding to your diet to help you build a solid foundation of good health.

Add more of these healthy foods into your diet on a daily basis and you will:

– Naturally eat less junk food because you are substituting them out (this is called dietary displacement).

– Stay satiated for longer with a higher level of satisfaction and fullness after meals.

– Crave less sugary and unhealthy foods as the less of them you eat, the less of them you want.

– Overeat much less frequently (if ever), which means less weight gain and easier weight loss.

– Have a higher overall micronutrient intake with less chance for deficiencies.

– Build a healthier relationship with food and create a new normal or standard of food that you eat.

The most important part of the Sleekgeek Food List is that you use it to shape your environment for the better so that healthy habits come easily and less willpower is required to stay on track.

More often than not, your environment plays a far more important role in your success than things like willpower, talent, effort, and grit.

Those things do matter, especially in key moments, but it is your environment that affects you every minute of every day. This adds up, in the long run, to make achieving your goals that much harder or easier.

You are more likely to eat whatever foods you surround yourself with, so it makes sense to keep more healthy foods and less unhealthy foods around. This becomes even better when these are foods that you actually like and are willing to eat.

You can read more about the Sleekgeek Food List over here: