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Day 1 [Nutrition] SG NY Kickstart Challenge – The Sleekgeek Food List


Hey guys,

Welcome to your first official Day 1 Nutrition Lesson!

Today, we will be kicking things off with the Sleekgeek Food List.

We’ve designed it to be a quick snapshot or frame of reference for what a healthy diet might look like.

Then, over the next 14 days, we are going to help you move step by step towards that from wherever you might be right now.

If you are just getting started, this will be a fantastic experience for you, and even if you are an intermediate or advanced healthy eater, I guarantee that you are going to learn some powerful strategies to help you fine-tune your diet.

Remember, we’ve been running an online health and fitness community of hundreds of thousands of Sleekgeeks since 2012. This means that we have a very good idea of what a healthy lifestyle looks like in the context of everyday life, and what challenges real people like you and me face on a daily basis. And that’s what we want to address.

OK, so, to give you an idea, the Sleekgeek Food List is divided into four main food groups:

1. Quality Sources of Protein.

2. Colourful Vegetables – you know, because green veggies aren’t the only healthy vegetables out there. Each colour like red, yellow, white, and purple have their own unique health benefits too!

3. Smart Carbs – these are carbohydrates that are higher in fibre, slower to digest, and minimally processed without added or refined sugars.

4. Healthy Fats.

Don’t worry, you can download the full Sleekgeek Food List with aaaaall of the recommended healthy foods neatly laid out for you.

Something that I want to point out is rather than making the Sleekgeek Food List super restrictive and focusing on the most “optimally healthy foods” (which no one really seems to be able to agree on anyways), we’ve tried to make it as flexible as possible and inclusive of a wide variety of healthy foods. Because health comes in all shapes and sizes.

So if you would prefer to follow a vegetarian diet, that’s OK. Or if you are doing Paleo, or Banting, we can help you make that work too.

The main thing is to put a big focus on real and minimally processed whole foods in a realistic and practical way that you can sustain over a long period of time.

At Sleekgeek we believe in doing the basics really well before trying to complicate things unnecessarily. This is why we choose to start with a food list that is designed for real everyday people like you and me.

It’s something that helps us avoid all of the gimmicks and hyped up marketing nonsense out there so that we can just focus on real health, every single day.

Keep in mind that the Sleekgeek Food List is just a starting point.

It’s there to help you lay a solid foundation for your health so that you can then build lifelong healthy habits upon it.

Over the next 14 days we are going to help you customise this food list so that it fits perfectly into both your lifestyle and your goals.

The most important part of the Sleekgeek Food List is that you use it to shape your daily environment for the better so that healthy habits come more easily and less willpower is required to stay on track.

Afterall, you are more likely to eat whatever foods you surround yourself with, so it makes sense to keep more healthy foods and less unhealthy foods around, right?


So for today, all I want you to do is print the Sleekgeek Food List out and highlight which of those foods you actually like and will eat. You know, just focus on what works for you, the rest can come later. No pressure.

If you already have many of these foods at home, great! Try to include more of them and less of others in your meals today.

And then the next time that you go shopping, try to buy more of these foods on the list and less of others that aren’t.

Just to be clear, I’m not asking you to cut everything yummy out of your diet, I’m just asking you to try and move a little bit more in the right direction. Even if it’s only 1% better than usual, do that consistently every day and it will add up to enormous results, I promise.

See you tomorrow! Cheers.