Self-Care Challenge Day 1: 5-Minute action

“I have learned that self-mastery and the consistent care of one’s mind body and soul are essential to finding one’s highest self and living the life of one’s dreams. How can you care for others if you cannot even care for yourself? How can you do good if you don’t even feel good? I can’t love you if I cannot love myself.”
Robin S. Sharma

🎯 Today’s Mission:

Today you will choose the focus of your self-care task.

To successfully complete today’s mission:

  • Choose a quick 5min action by identifying one thing that will make you feel more awesome today. Here are some ideas:
    • Drink an extra 500ml of water
    • Sip your coffee a little bit slower
    • Hug your partner or child a little bit longer than usual.

💡 More Info:

Self-care looks different for everyone, but the common factor is that it is a task that is easy to accomplish and moves you forward.

It does not need to be time-consuming, like a 45 min massage nor does it even need to be accomplished all in one go.

You could give yourself small “pockets” of self-care each day—a couple of deep breaths every 2 hours, a couple of steps outside during work.

today you have the task of finding one enjoyable action and allocating 5 min of your day to accomplish it.

Note what it is and how it makes you feel, if you are ever stuck for some inspiration and need a quick mood booster, you have a go-to.

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