Daily Appreciation


Practice daily appreciation towards your partner.


This habit is about expressing gratitude or showing appreciation for the actions, gestures, or qualities of your partner on a daily basis. This could be a simple verbal acknowledgment, a written note, or even a gesture.


Couples (and friends/family) who consistently express appreciation and gratitude towards each other are more likely to have longer-lasting and happier relationships.

Recognising and valuing the positive qualities and actions of your partner can build a buffer against negativity, increase overall happiness in the relationship, and enhance the emotional connection between partners.


Set aside a specific time each day to reflect on something you appreciate about your partner. This could be when you wake up, during a meal together, or before going to bed.

It can be something big or small – from the way they made you laugh to the effort they put into making dinner.

Express this appreciation directly to them. This could be verbal (“I really appreciated when you…”), written (a small note left on the fridge), or through a gesture (a hug or kiss).


✅ Start Small: If you’re not used to expressing appreciation, begin with one small thing every other day and gradually increase.

✅ Immediate Rewards: After expressing appreciation, take a moment to notice the warmth or connection between you two. That immediate positive feedback will make the habit more rewarding.

✅ Pair With An Existing Habit: Tie your appreciation moment to something you already do daily, like having morning coffee or brushing your teeth at night. E.g., “Every time I have my morning coffee, I’ll think of one thing I appreciate about my partner.”

✅ Rotate the Medium: To keep things fresh, switch between verbal appreciation, written notes, and gestures. It’ll make the process engaging and less repetitive.

✅ Use Tech: Set a daily reminder on your phone to prompt you to express appreciation. There are even apps that prompt gratitude reflections.