Introducing the new “CONSISTENCY CHALLENGE”

We are introducing a new bonus prize category to the Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge

The theme of the Challenge is consistency and focus.

In our recent challenge our founder Elan posted daily about his personal 8-Week Challenge and found that it brought him focus and intensity. It started to catch on and other community members copied the strategy.

It is a fantastic way to stay accountable, engaged with the process and bring the Heat! 🔥

This challenge we want to reward that with 6 months of Sleekgeek Healthy Habits Group Coaching worth R2,400 for the “Consistency Award”.  

The winner will also receive a Sleekgeek t-shirt and cap.

You can read more about the coaching here.

This challenge is not about winning or losing. Sure it is a competition. But it is also largely about self improvement and making progress.

The criteria to be considered for the award is the following:


  • You have to be an active member in the Challenge Support Group
  • You must post an entry related to your challenge at least 40 of the 56 days of the challenge in the group. (We give you grace for 16 days)


  • Posts MUST include the following elements to be counted:

    Day #X/56 –

    (post goes here)

    I am bringing the heat! 🔥
  • Posts can be text, pics, videos or a combination of it all.
  • Bonus points for encouraging other challengers by commenting on their posts.
  • Once the challenge is ended and you believe you made at least 40 entries you can notify our team via

You must notify us to be considered.

We will then take all the finalists into consideration and judge according to the quality of the content. Was it interesting? Was it inspiring? Did it engage other challengers?

If not already done please the first step is to join our dedicated Support Group on Facebook. It is a place for all our challengers to share their experience, ask questions and make new friends.

We want to hear about your experience along the way. Your highlights and the struggles. If you are in team you may have other places you interact with them but we would love to see you making a contribution to the greater community too.

We look forward to your contribution!

Team Sleekgeek

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