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Sleekgeek community conduct

Welcome to the Sleekgeek community conduct guide.

This policy guides interactions in the Sleekgeek community on any platform.

This is vitally important to us at Sleekgeek.

We pride ourselves on having a ‘safe’ supportive and helpful space for people to interact, conflict free and in a positive manner.

On the internet discussion forums are typically full of hate speech and personal attack. At Sleekgeek this is not the case and never will be. We have a zero-tolerance approach to anyone disrespecting others.

It is what makes our community so valuable.

We will defend this culture aggressively and for the greater good we have no problem, removing anyone from the community who cannot comply with our conduct.

Sleekgeek is a sanctuary for us all to share our fears, to celebrate our results, to set our goals, to find constructive advice, to be supported, to see the lighter side of the battles we face, and to feel that we “belong” as a consequence of our determination to make healthy choices.


I have created Sleekgeek so that you never have to eat alone or train alone again.

A key ingredient of the success of Sleekgeek is the spirit and camaraderie in the group and mutual respect.

Sleekgeek is a “safe place”

Treat others as you would like to be treated.


Sleekgeek is a place of tact and empathy.

It is not a place of aggression and sarcasm.

Always remember in online interactions that there is always a person on the other side of the screen who is part of the sleekgeek family.

  • We do not attack one another.
  • We do not belittle one another.
  • We do not ridicule others
  • We are not hostile.
  • We do not host personal disputes.
  • We are kind to others.
  • If you have nothing nice to say then do not say anything at all.
  • Not everybody may understand your sense of humour without the benefit of tone so bare that in mind.


As Sleekgeeks we fight to maintain an environment where learning is promoted and encouraged and that everyone feels comfortable to ask and answer a question without fear.



There are countless examples in the world that MANY different strategies of eating and training create results for different people. So this community recognizes that the members of the community may chose different paths to the ultimate goal of health.

As such we do not criticize others and should never judge community members for their choices.

Food, health and fitness has become almost political with many people treating their ideoloogies as religion.

Similar to the ‘rainbow nation’ of South Africa as a community we must made this work.

If something works for you please share that to the benefit of the group but it is not our job to “convert” others.

There are many leading experts in the world who cannot agree on health matters. So it is unlikely to assume that – on a forum filled with amateurs and a few professionals who probably differ on opinion that – you will find the answers you need on most things. For that you will probably have to see a professional.

But the group is there to expose you to different view-points and encourage you to find your individual path.



The ‘geek’ part of ‘Sleekgeek’ encourages us to be open to change, new opinions and different angles on topics.

We should embrace healthy debate.

As such an opinion will never be censored as long as it does not contain information potentially harmful to other community members.

We follow the principle “do no harm”

HOWEVER Content will be deleted and repeat offenders removed IF

  • Someone cannot state their opinion in a way that is directly disrespectful to others in the community.
  • Personal attacks are made on another community member

There are ways to express opinions. Please do so with some grace and respect.



My journey is not your journey and your journey is not my journey.

We are all at different places in our journey.

Not everyone is a “eat clean, train dirty” machine.

We have many beginners who need to be nurtured.

Not everyone one responds to the same strategy. Some people prefer BIG changes to their habits….. others prefer small steps.

Respect that.



Despite all else I have said there are always going to be comments that are intended to be helpful but may seem to be criticizing.

As an individual try recognize the difference between feedback and criticism.

Users cannot be expected to sugar coat EVERY statement.

This is a topic that is highly sensitive for many people.

We will do our best to make sure people communicate in a constructive manner, but meet the community half way.. Put your insecurities aside and much as possible and grow.

Treat people’s opinion as just that – opinions.



There is nothing worse than someone who has read a few things and then speaks as an expert. Don’t be that person.

Proving how smart you by trying to show others in the group up is not the objective.

State your ideas but accept there are other angles and there is always still much to learn.

As much as possible if you are going to make a bold absolute statement then at least provide/refer a source of the information the opinion may be based on.


Sleekgeek is a neutral territory and a friend to all the health and fitness community, as such please extend professional courtesy to others you may experience in the group.

Sleekgeek is not a battleground to settle differences with competitors.

Please treat the Sleekgeek members as you would any paying client that you work with.

Feel free to advertise your services in the group. As long as you are benefiting the community I have no issue with that.

When you are in the Sleekgeek house you respect the rules and leadership.


I thank EVERYONE in advance for observing this code and making sure that Sleekgeek endures as a place that is helpful to others on their journey,


Screenshot 2014-05-04 15.58.06