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SG Code

I get asked a lot in interviews what exactly Sleek is .. and what a sleekgeek is? Who is a sleekgeek member? I also see people say things like “I am not a sleekgeek but….”

In trying to answer this question I have produced a Sleekgeek Code verson 1.0

Sleekgeek is above all else a community of support.

It is not a product, it is not a particular diet, it is not a Challenge. Those are all products and services you may find in the community under the SG brand but Sleekgeek is a community of support.

 So let’s define what a “sleekgeek” is?

I can tell you immediately it has nothing to do with whether you did a challenge or have an official membership number. It also has nothing to do with how many hours you spend online active in our many digital social media platforms such as Facebook.

In my view ANYONE who values their health and has an interest to improve it is a sleekgeek.

You cannot be a sleekgeek if you do not have health related goals that you wish to pursue. No matter what your level. From beginner to expert that is key.

Is that all? No. I know some pretty mean, rude, despicable people who have some serious health goals. There are also many communities out there linked to health.

Different from other health communities I have observed is that we are a family. Sleekgeek is a place to make like-minded friends.

 But what makes sleekgeek so special? Why do we grow by 1000’s of people every month? What is the sleekgeek “X-factor”?

 Simple. Being a sleekgeek is a state of mind an attitude. A way we are and how we approach our journey to health.


Screenshot 2014-05-04 15.58.06A true sleekgeek:

  • Values Health fiercely
  • Is passionate about creating vitality for a lifetime
  • Shares these values with their family
  • Understands the only failure is to quit
  • Accepts failure is part of the journey with a smile
  • Is insanely positive
  • Motivates, encourages and inspires others
  • Gets involved, participates and does not sit on the sidelines
  • Never judges
  • Treats others with respect
  • Gives their best
  • Embraces learning and has an open mind
  • Takes responsibility
  • Is friendly and approachable
  • Kind and caring
  • Lifts others up and does not put them down
  • Leads and inspires others
  • Relishes challenges
  • Is helpful
  • Welcomes and embraces change
  • Wins gracefully
  • Someone who wants to build a better self
  • Someone who wants to share their knowledge and experiences with others
  • Represents SG with pride


That turned out to be quite a long list! : )


I think over time I will try and refine it with the help and input of the community but for now this stands as our “SG Code”

If you want to make any suggestions or contributions please mail me thanks!

So now if you see anyone in the community breaking this code you are free to let them know as kindly as possible it is very “un-sleekgeek” of them!

I posted on the Group posing this question and got a ton of responses about what a Sleekgeek is. Here are some of the responses below

Screenshot 2014-04-11 16.32.27

Juanita Allison – “A sleekgeek fights for a better, healthier tomorrow. Doesn’t give up. Faces each day and each challenge head on. Support and helps and when needed carries fellow sleeks. They don’t judge and don’t criticize.”


Farrah Lee Menego – “A sleekGeek is someone who has gone through or wanting to go through a journey of lifestyle change. Encouraging, inspirational, motivated…but ALSO human and has off days or an off month, never ever judges…”


Sophie Nel – “Hmmm… not enough space to answer that. Being a sleekgeek for me is to be someone who tries their best to live healthy and inspires others to do the same. It’s a group of friends that you may never meet that are there for you every step of the way with cheers at the achievement of any goals you may achieve, encouragement when you are scared to attempt something out of your comfort zone, virtual hugs when you feel down and frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, ready with advice whenever you need it, who doesn’t judge you or laugh at you when you fall off the bus or are as big as that bus, shopping assistant when you are looking for that certain something healthy and can’t find it, a virus infecting everybody around them with their healthiness… need I go on, lol? A sleekgeek is a superhero!”


Paul Van Jaarsveld –“A Sleek is someone who, no matter what stage in their journey they are, keeps pushing, and is always willing to assist those in need of help on their own journeys. A Sleek is proud of what they have achieved, no matter how small the victory, and share that pride, and in so doing inspire others to go for their goals…”


Beth van der Walt – “Love this….a Sleek Geek is someone who addresses life head on. Takes control of their life back (in my case). Realises they are as important as everyone else. Makes no excuses no matter what their age or their health is. Gets off the couch and ends up being healthier and in doing so enjoys their life and family more than ever before.”


Jacques Conradie – “SleekGeeks are Leaders – their actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more”


Rene’ Heydon –“Being a Sleekgeek is being part of a genuine community of normal people, with goals of being healthy and fit, a desire to live life to the fullest and enjoying getting there. Being part of a group that shares, encourages, socializes without judgment, condemnation or feelings of failure, everyone can be part of this group as everyone is welcome!!”