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💪 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge! 🥗

Check-in #3 – Success

Congratulations! If you are seeing this message then we have your data safe and sound.

We look forward to seeing your results. Focus for the remainder of the challenge and we promise you will be overjoyed with your results too!

Challenge Check-ins (NB!) 

Reminder: As a requirement to qualify for prizes, during the 8 week challenge you must still submit the remaining:

  1. After Measurements Instructions – end of Week #8 final measurements + “After” photos

You will find links to all those Check-in points in your Challenger Vault.

Some emails get marked as spam!

When you complete a challenge form we also email you the data so that you have your own copy of it too. However, sometimes these emails get marked as spam (especially if you are using Gmail).

Here is how to retrieve those emails if they do not show up in your inbox.

Step 1: Open your email and look for the “Spam” folder. If you are in Gmail you may need to click on “More” first:

Step 2: Select the checkbox on the left next to the email from “SLEEKGEEK CHALLENGE” and then select “Not Spam“:

Step 3: You can then go back to your Inbox and find our email there.