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Where to find our Sleekgeek Asijiki Brands products

We are very excited that everyone is asking where to shop our Sleekgeek Asijiki Brands range!

Sleekgeek is a proud partner in this company.

You can find out exactly where below (Updated July 10, 2019) 

At the moment we are available in select Dischem, Spar and independent stores, via our community agents and in our online store

We appreciate your support! The more you support us the more we can expand across the country. 

Western Cape

Eastern Cape



Shop Online – National delivery

Since we want everyone to be able to access our product until we stock in stores and with agents in your area you can purchase our products on our Sleekgeek online store over here.

Below is what the range includes. Click on a product for more info and full ingredients: 

  1. Veggie Salt Seasoning 
  2. Meat Salt Seasoning
  3. Chicken Salt Seasoning
  4. Spice It Nice Seasoning (the bomb on eggs!)
  5. Walkie Talking Salt Seasoning (who’s up for some chicken feet?!)
  6. Chakalaka Salt Seasoning
  7. Herbal Salt
  8. Fafa Himalayan Salt
  9. Coarse Pink Himalayan Salt
  10. Gogo’s Curry Spice
  11. Tumeric
  12. Paprika
  13. Garlic Flakes
  14. Cayenne Pepper
  15. Ginger
  16. Cinnamon

We also have a Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar in the range. 

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