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5-Step Release

5 Steps to release anxiety


This habit is a structured 5-step method for managing daily anxieties and worries.


When feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to have a structured process that you can follow to work through your current anxieties and develop a practical, positive response to them.

The 5-Step Release method helps you to not only confront these issues head-on but also cultivate a mindset of resilience and optimism to enhance your ability to cope with daily stressors.


Take 5 minutes to go through the 5-Step Release process with a pen and paper.

Ask yourself:

  • STEP 1) What’s one thing I’m anxious about today?
    Reflect on what is causing you the most stress or worry today. Focus on something specific that’s looming in your mind.
  • STEP 2) What’s one practical thing I can do to prevent or prepare for it?
    Think of one practical action you can take to prepare for or prevent this anxiety. This could be planning, organizing, or even a simple preparatory task.
  • STEP 3) What’s one reason it’s probably not going to be as bad as I fear?
    Consider why the situation might not be as bad as you fear. Rather than catastrophising about things, challenge yourself to debunk worst-case scenarios by contemplating more realistic outcomes.
  • STEP 4) What’s one reason I know I can handle it?
    Remember a time when you successfully navigated a similar or more challenging situation in the past. Use this memory to reinforce your confidence in handling the current issue.
  • STEP 5) What’s one upside of the situation?
    Identify one positive or beneficial aspect of the situation. Things are very rarely entirely bad, most dark clouds usually have a silver lining if you look closely enough. No matter how small, focusing on a potential upside can shift your perspective from dread to opportunity.


✅ Create a dedicated notebook for this habit to track your progress and reflections.

✅ Be honest and thorough in each step to maximize the benefits of the exercise.

✅ Practice this habit in a quiet, uninterrupted space to encourage deep reflection.

✅ If you’re struggling to find a positive aspect or a practical solution, consider seeking a different perspective from a friend or colleague.

✅ Regularly review your entries to observe patterns in your anxieties and coping mechanisms, which can provide insights for future growth and self-improvement.