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30-Day Sugar-Free Challenge


Did you know what the average person takes in 22 teaspoons of sugar daily?

Mounting evidence shows how sugar does even more damage than previously thought by setting you up for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease as well as damaging your teeth, liver, metabolism, and your body’s ability to effectively deal with inflammation.

You are not alone in possibly being a sugar addict. Most people are… In fact research has shown that sugar and sweet reward can not only substitute for addictive drugs (like cocaine), but it can be even more rewarding and desirable.

What this means is that feeling helpless and like you have no control over your sugar cravings is completely reasonable. It’s not because you are “just weak-willed” or “don’t want to quit bad enough”.

Sugar addiction is real, and what makes it so dangerous is the fact that it’s socially acceptable

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Sleekgeek 30-Day Sugar-Free Challenge

Excessive sugar intake is a huge threat to your health and living sugar-free could dramatically improve your life.


sugar addict?

Scary right? It is ok…. Our 30-day sugar-free challenge is going to help you feel amazing and in control again. You are going to become a sugar-free ninja together with all our other community members doing this in our dedicated Facebook Group!

Most people find it tough to give up sugar and feel like they are addicted. I am a sugar addict too and I will be doing this challenge right along with you!

I have even created 30 days of emails that you will receive daily to help you through this process. You sign up for that when you take the pledge at the bottom of this page.


For the next 30 days and no cheats (if you cheat you go straight back to day one)…

Absolutely NO:

  • Added Sugar in any form which includes both natural or artificial sweeteners (e.g. Stevia, Xylitol, honey, coconut sugar, molasses, acesulfame-K, aspartame, Neotame, Saccharin, Splenda, Truvia, Canderel and Sucralose.)
  • Pseudo-Sugar Products (e.g. Diet or ‘Zero’ cold drinks, sugar-free chewing gum, mints, diabetic sweets, and so on – all of which will contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar which is still no good!)
  • Fruit juice (It is just too high in sugar, rather try fruit-infused water by soaking pieces of fruit, veg, and/or herbs in a refrigerated jug of water overnight to give it a bit of flavour without the added sugar.)


  • Ideally complete the 30 days without any alcohol or fruit. However we will leave these to your discretion (perhaps it can be saved for “Round 2”?).
  • If you are going to have fruit, try and limit it to 1-2 portions a day. Berries are best as they are the lowest in sugar.


  1. Join the dedicated Facebook Support Group here
  2. Take the pledge below when you are ready to start with Day #1 and you will be automatically signed up for the 30-day email support series.
  3. Follow the rules.


(Only do this when you are ready to start Day #1 because it will trigger a 30-day email series.)

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