No Junk Food

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No (or less) junk food.


This habit is about eating more whole foods more often and less junk food less often.


Our habits lead us to a certain “standard” of eating.

Most fit and healthy people see junk food as occasional treats or for rare celebrations.

On the other hand, some people find themselves eating junk food just about every day as part of their daily diet.

The goal of this habit is to help you shift what’s “normal” for you closer to the healthier end of the spectrum.

At Sleekgeek, we don’t recommend demonising any food or making completely off-limited because the poison is in the dose, but we do want you to make an active effort to eat less junk food and to eat it less often.


It’s up to you to define what “junk food” means for you.

It might be explicitly sugary and fatty foods or “sweets” like chocolates, pastries, cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc.

Or it might be more junk food kind of “meals” like burgers, pizza, pancakes, deep-fried foods, takeaways, etc.

Or it might be one or two very specific foods that you struggle to eat in moderation and would like to cut down on.

Check out the Sleekgeek Food List (especially the red list to “eat less of and less often”) for ideas.


✅ Design your environment by not buying and bringing home any junk food from the shops.

✅ If you do keep junk food at home (e.g. for other family members), then find ways to hide them away so that they’re less visible, less accessible, and less convenient to eat.

✅ Don’t shop on an empty stomach so that you have greater resistance to temptations and impulse buys.

✅ Don’t shop without a pre-made shopping list so that you can stay focused on looking for the items on the list rather than browsing the shelves to see what looks good.

✅ Load up on water, protein, and veg to keep yourself feeling full and satisfied.