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21-Day De-Stress Challenge Vault

Welcome to the Sleekgeek 21-Day De-Stress Challenge!

Over the next 21 days, this challenge is going to teach you 20 simple, yet powerful, tools to help you build a stress-free life. On day 21 we will create a personal plan for your next steps to put what you have learned into action and make them into automatic habits.

This De-Stress Challenge Vault is your home base – please bookmark it so that you can come back to it each day.

Step 1: Join The Community

With Sleekgeek, you’ll never be alone! Join our dedicated support group to connect with our community of challengers on the same journey as you as well as Sleekgeek Coaches for additional help.

Step 2: Start

You can start the Sleekgeek 21-Day De-Stress Challenge at any time by completing the form below.

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Step 3: Your Daily Missions

You can find a link to each of the challenge missions for the full Sleekgeek 21-Day Stress Management Challenge below.

We will be emailing you a link to these missions each day, but you might find the links below convenient if you want to re-visit previous missions at any time.


  • Day 1 β€“ Accept what you cannot control
  • Day 2 β€“ Breathe as you were born to do.
  • Day 3 β€“ Breathe your way to peace
  • Day 4 β€“ Ground yourself
  • Day 5 β€“ Body scan
  • Day 6 β€“ Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Day 7 β€“ Find your zen


  • Day 8 β€“ Find your calm
  • Day 9 β€“ Self-soothing affirmations
  • Day 10 β€“ Take a cold shower
  • Day 11 – Journal
  • Day 12 – Get 8 hrs of sleep
  • Day 13 – Mindful movement
  • Day 14 – Laugh and smile more


  • Day 15 – Attitude of gratitude
  • Day 16 – Fear Management
  • Day 17 – Get your heart rate up
  • Day 18 – Worry box
  • Day 19 – Worry on purpose
  • Day 20 – Environment design
  • Day 21 – Your personal plan

Step 4: Bonus Resources

There is a LOT of content that we simply can’t cover in this challenge, so below you’ll find some bonus nutrition-related resources to browse at your leisure.

  • x