21-Day Pulse Challenge

🚀 Daily tasks to grow your ❤️ wellbeing.

Plus you could 🏆 WIN a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2!

How it works:

Sign up now to join the Sleekgeek Community for an online "group start" on the 9th of November, 2020.

Each day for 21 days we'll give you an actionable daily task to help you improve your health and grow your wellbeing. We're in this together as a community

🗓️ 21 Daily tasks.

Each day for 21 days you'll get a daily task to help you:

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💡 Helpful lessons with each task.

Each daily task comes with it's own powerful lesson that helps you understand the benefits and guides you on how to take successful action - no matter your level of experience.

❤️ Join the community.

You're not alone, this is a community effort!

Join the rest of the Sleekgeek Community for an online group start on the 9th of November, 2020.

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🏆 WIN!

We're giving away an awesome Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 worth R4,999!

All you need to do is tick off each daily task and be an active contributor to the challenge community in order to stand a chance to win.

Sleekgeek has been testing the new innovative 1Life Pulse life insurance program over the past few months.

In short: By taking actions to improve your wellbeing each day, you can earn up to R500,000 additional life cover when you get life insurance from R1,000,000 with 1Life Pulse!

We've really enjoyed this experience because it's 100% in line with our own philosophy at Sleekgeek. It encourages you to take do-able daily action to improve your physical activity, fitness, heart health, and sleep.

Now we want to share it with you:

This 21-Day Pulse Challenge is us taking everything that we learned from our own experience with the program and teaching it to you for free.

You'll be able to see exactly what kind of simple daily actions you can take to grow your wellbeing (the same actions that you would take to grow your additional life cover, of up to R500,000, with a 1Life Pulse policy).

Oh, and it's all backed by science. 1Life partnered up with Samsung and LifeQ to bring life insurance, technology, and science together in a simple way to help you make better health choices on a day-to-day basis.

👉 You can expect: 21 days of daily tasks from Sleekgeek that help you ✅ be more active, ✅ increase your fitness, ✅ improve your heart health, and ✅ get better (and more) sleep.

* 1Life Pulse is an optional benefit at an additional cost, subject to specified qualifying criteria.
Ts&Cs online. 1Life is an authorised insurer and FSP.