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? 90,000 Group members milestone achieved (3 min read)

On Thursday we passed 90,000 members in the main Sleekgeek Facebook Group and it was a very exciting moment for us.

I wanted to acknowledge it with a little Sleekgeek history:

At the start of 2012 both Eric and I began our journeys.

I was working in Corporate Media for over a decade running News24.com as General Manager and on the executive team as Group Head Digital at Times Media (Sunday Times etc).

At the time I created the Sleekgeek Facebook Group for myself and a handful of my friends to help each other get healthy. That is how our 8-Week Challenge was born. We challenged each other to a competition to make things more fun, competitive and goal orientated. Slowly friends invited friends and more people arrived. The community kept growing.

One of the people to join at the start was Eric. At that time was still a student still on his weight-loss journey after a lifetime of being overweight. He approached me and volunteered right at the start to help me in his free time because he too was passionate about changing the world and inspired by Sleekgeek.

Together we have spent the past 8 years dedicated each day to helping others in the community create a healthy lifestyle.

I discovered through my own personal journey that life is absolutely better when you are healthy. I felt passionate about this message and decided that it was my personal mission to share this message with the world.

In Sept 2012 with only 600 members in the Sleekgeek Facebook Group I walked away from my cushy corporate career and took my savings to pursue full-time the dream of changing 100,000 lives. (That was the first goal we set and later revised it to 1 million)

I believed that with the ripple effect of social media if we could help 100 people, why not a 1,000? Then 10,000? … a 100,000 and more! – the people that knew me thought I was crazy.

And so the Sleekgeek Health Revolution was born.

When Eric graduated he decided to join Sleekgeek full time. He is now a share-holder in Sleekgeek.

  • Our Mission is to help 1 Million people build healthy habits so that they can live a better quality life.
  • Our vision is for homes, schools and workplaces to be healthy places that enable rather than disable vitality.

Thank you so much for your part in that dream!

Every time you post, comment, share, react and engage in the community you contribute to this dream. Each time you attend an event you become more part of our family. Every time you spend money on a challenge, coaching, merchandise or anything else you invest in yourself and the dream of reaching the million.

We are obviously now laser focussed on hitting 6 figures and reaching 100,000 Main Sleekgeek Group members. (Ps – We also have a Xhosa-speaking community called ‘Team Asijiki’ of 180,000 members. Asijiki means no turning back https://www.facebook.com/groups/Sleekgeek.Asijiki.Reboot.Xhosa/)

You CAN help us to grow. Are you willing to take 30 seconds to support the Revolution?

If you can just invite ONE SINGLE friend, family member, colleague to the Facebook Group that would be incredible. If you feeling inspired please invite more!

Invite people by:
1. Sending them this link with a personal message or posting it on your feed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/sleekgeek/
2. Visiting the group and using the ‘invite members” on the right hand side.

Sleekgeek is a force for good. We truly want to make the world a better place using health as our weapon. That is our Revolution and cause.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

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