Welcome to the team Jill!

It is with the greatest pleasure that we officially welcome Jill Scott to the Sleekgeek Team in a part-time role as our new Sleekgeek “Engagement Manager”.

Jill has been a keen and loyal Sleekgeek Group member since November 2013 and has attracted her own following as a result of her personality, realness and leadership skills. She is well known in the community for her sense of fun and jovial nature.  

We have tasked her to put her skills and magical unicorn powers to use and help us to create greater community participation both online and offline!

At Sleekgeek we believe it is very important to engage people in their health journey. The more you enjoy the process of getting healthy the likelier you will be to stick with it.

We also love the fact that Jill has been successful working with Eric in our Sleekgeek Coaching program to lose 18kgs in the past 6 months so we are confident that she understands our philosophies well too.

Get to know Jill better by reading a QA with her here.

We are excited the upcoming awesome activities and opportunities for our members as a result of her appointment.

Please give her your full support in helping us achieve our Sleekgeek Health Revolution objective to “INSPIRE 1 MILLION PEOPLE TO TRANSFORM THEMSELVES AND LEAD A BETTER QUALITY LIFE.”

(Sleekgeek Founder)

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