FREE Online Workshop: ​​​​​​​Creating Your INSPIRING FUTURE


Want to be excited about your future?  (Only 500 spots available. Register yours asap!) 

On Thursday next week at 7:30pm Eric Chowles and I are going to be online leading a free online workshop (webinar) for 45 mins on how to “Create an INSPIRING FUTURE” for yourself.

We will help you to uncover your WHY, Identify your “limiting factors” and write your new INSPIRING FUTURE with effective action steps.

There are limited spots so please put your name down asap thanks.

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== Details of the webinar are below. ==

Thursday 17 Jan at 7:30pm – A Live Online Webinar Workshop on “How to create your INSPIRING FUTURE” with Eric and Elan. (Free)

1) Uncover your WHY and what is truly at stake
2) Identify your “limiting factors”
3) Write your new INSPIRING FUTURE 
4) Create simple and effective action steps.

There are a limited 500 spots available and you can register and secure yours right away.

[Register for webinar here]