Have you joined the Sleekgeek ultimate you 8-week challenge

Have you entered the ULTIMATE YOU Challenge? Let us know!

Hey Sleeks, we want to know from you if you have entered the latest Sleekgeek ULTIMATE YOU 8-Week Challenge?

If so, head over to this discussion thread in our Facebook group and leave a comment to let us know!

Today marks the launch of our 17th Sleekgeek challenge since Sleekgeek started. We only run these challenges 3 times a year and it’s rather special to us because it’s how Sleekgeek actually started.

For those that don’t know, towards the end of 2011 Elan got 12 friends together and everyone put R500 into the prize pool. At the end of the challenge, the person who lost the most weight won. To come up with a way to communicate with each other and share useful tips or strategies, Elan created a discussion group on Facebook and hence Sleekgeek was born.

I (Eric) found Sleekgeek as a community member in January 2012 just as the second Sleekgeek challenge was launching. Getting involved was the best thing I ever did! The intense focus and motivation it gave me along with all of the incredible support from the community helped me truly cement the healthy habits that I was building and the lifestyle change I was trying to create.

Anyways, from that small and humble little challenge back then with 50 odd people, this very community has blossomed into an incredible full-scale health revolution and is transforming lives on a daily basis.

Over the years we have upgraded the offerings of the challenge, taking it from a small little competition a comprehensive ULTIMATE YOU transformation system that has helped over 11,000 challengers lose more than 15 tonnes of weight.

Now, when you join the challenge you get:

  • An effective goal setting process to bring you clarity and focus.
  • A wide selection of expert exercise and nutrition plans to choose from.
  • Daily support from our expert team and your fellow challengers.
  • Check-ins throughout the challenge measure progress and keep you on track.
  • Weight loss and transformation categories for both men and woman to ensure fair competition.
  • 5 Different start dates to choose from (Feb 13, Feb 20, Feb 27, March 06, or March 13 for the current one).
  • Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs including cash prizes of R45,000.
  • BONUS Buddy Challenge and Couple’s Challenge so that you have incentives and angles to get your friends, family, and loves ones in on your journey with you.

Sleekgeek 8-Week ULTIMATE YOU Challenge

Click here to let us know if you have entered the challenge.

Or click here to read more about the Sleekgeek ULTIMATE YOU 8-Week Challenge.

Or leave a comment below if you have any questions that you would like us to answer about the challenge.

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