Gerrie Opperman’s – Updated story – 75kgs down!


…My Story Continued… 75KGS Lost…(160kgs to 85kgs) and 47% bodyfat to 11.9%…

Most of you know my story by now and how I lost the first 67kg… [read about how I did it here] .Well this is what happened since I joined Sleekgeek during the last part of 2014…

I firstly went for a Tummy Tuck at the beginning of 2015 because the loose skin drove me insane. They removed 3kgs of skin with that operation and amazingly I came down to 70kgs after that.

My biggest mistake I ever made was to relax and say “Yes I’m done. No more diet”. Well in June that year, without really noticing, I gained 10 kilograms. Worst thing ever is if you give advice out, yet you don’t use it yourself. I was initially still struggling with my rheumatoid arthritis and since I had no feeling in my hands, I decided to go for a double Carpal Tunnel operation in August 2015.

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My then girlfriend challenged me to do “Body Beautiful 2015” fitness show as she had won 2014’s Transformation Division. I started prepping and lost the 10kgs and got to 70kgs for the division.

Needless to say, I won it. To be honest, this was the most amazing experience I had been through at that time because I initially thought that those people in that industry were “tools”…which was a big mistake on my part.
Through Sleekgeek I came upon my new Coach Ashley Galliard. (Ashley is the Head Sport Scientist who develops the training plans for the 8-Week Challenge) Ash took me on in January with my disability (rheumatoid arthritis in all my Joints) and he has shown me new and exciting ways of training and has been helping me to achieve my goals without the use of my hands and the proper function in my legs. I have never been happier!

The biggest thing he helped me overcome was changing my mind-set. From basically seeing myself as being disabled, to seeing my disability as a challenge from God towards greatness.

After all of this, I decided to compete in the Rossi 2016 Fitness Competition and came 3rd overall in my transformation division. My support (From my Love Aminta) and the people that I’ve met are amazing and I would challenge anyone to take on something like that. It’s definitely worth it!

Currently I’m with a new doctor who is treating me and who has operated on my hands and legs, so I’m hopeful that it’s a slow road to recovery.

At present day I am 75kgs down and literally almost HALF the man I use to be, without serious health problems and I am still going strong.

So take it from someone that knows… Health is a constant struggle but with the right mind set you can achieve anything no matter your circumstances. Trust me, the only way to change your life is to make a conscious decision and stick with it!


Ps – If you have not already done so,  read about how I lost the first 67kgs  here