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Mom of 4 Tania lost 9kg and gained a new lease on life

It has been a long and hard road the past 20 odd years.

Yo-Yo dieting – I could never stabilize my weight and got tired very quickly of the diets I was doing (they were all unbalanced and at the time I did not have much knowledge on health) – hence the up and down. Also having 4 kids didn’t help the body much – lots of damage there.

So I got very fat in my 20’s after my 1st child. I ate like a champion – all the wrong foods.

Cakes, pastries, sausage rolls, pasta, lots of take outs and of course drinking 2L coke per day and also about a 1-2L full cream milk per day (gasp, I know!) – weekends it was alcohol – the sweet kind.

This was my staple diet for many years, and I thought this was ok – I did not know any better.

I met a girl at the place I was temping at the time, and she convinced me to come with her to Weigh-less. It was a new beginning for me and I lost about 10kg here – this was a wonder cure for me at the time. I felt so good and got so much confidence – but this did not last as it was a lot of food and a lot of preperation and everything needed to be weighed.

This took too much of my time as by this time I had 2 babies in the house, I just started picking up again.

After my 3rd child (they were all on top of each other), I had no chance – no time, no money for Weigh-less or the amount of food it demanded on this system.

Eventually, years after I joined Weight Watchers – the point system. Yay I could eat what I want and lose weight (JA RIGHT)…. I was still very uneducated and ate burgers and chips and chocolates etc – of course I did not eat enough healthy options and the fact that I could eat unhealthy options really attracted me to do so – needless to say, this did not work and I dropped that system very fast.

By then both my parents passed away (both from cancer), I got divorced around the same time and my kids have moved to Jhb with their dad and I was on my own in Durban. At that time I also got retrenched. (It was not raining, it was pouring hailstones at that time for me). This spun me into an emotional whirlwind, and food became my best friend, again. I decided to move to Jhb to be near my kids and went to live with my Gran. I immediately got a job. PARTY TIME….. I got involved with the “wrong crowd” OMW – 5 years of parties and drinking and not eating and then eating too much (junk food) and being very unhealthy.

When I think about it now, I cannot even imagine how stupid I was at that time. This completely messed up my body, my metabolism, my will power, my life actually.

Then I had my 4th child. From here on it was a constant battle with my weight, my hormones, etc. The caeser I had messed up my tummy. I carried on with the Yo-Yo way of life. Fat – lose a bit – fat again – lose a bit, etc etc…. but could never get my weight down to what it should be or even keep it down… it yo-yo’d on.weight-loss-success-mother-of-four

A few years back I got the opportunity to go and study reflexology, and this is where my turning point of health started. It grew into a passion for me. I then started helping a lot of people with this and also advise on health and diet. I researched a lot since then and broadened my knowledge. I found it so easy as this was my passion. Even with all this knowledge I still battled to get on the right path myself.

Beginning of last year I was single, free and I still partied a lot with my friends, every weekend. As you can imagine lots of drinking, lots of braai’s. I then met my current boyfriend and the partying continued. What a unhealthy lifestyle I was living and I blew up like a blowfish. I was introduced to the Sleekgeek facebook group by my cousin, I joined, but never thought anything of it. Did not even participate or even read anyone’s posts – was just there on my Facebook in the background.

About 4 months ago I was so fat and disgusted with myself that I had to do something.  With my constant research for knowledge on health and diet, I came across the banting diet.
This new hype everyone was going on about. I decided to try it, but went about it in completely the wrong way and was still eating incorrectly and drinking on the week-ends …. I picked up more weight. I was not happy. By this time, I was feeling depressed, could not fit into my clothes anymore, did not want to see myself in the mirror anymore, felt ugly, felt old and had no energy and just wanted to sleep a lot. This was my turning point – I could not do this anymore – needed to do something drastic now. I then chose a date on which I will start – I am lucky that way – once I make up my mind I stick to it. Decided that I will start on 1 Sept – whichever diet I decided to do.

I then saw a lot of Paleo recipe’s floating around on the net, and decided to check into it. By this time I did not trust dieting anymore. I then joined the Paleo challenge (an overseas group)… but found no support or anything on this challenge…. I started the Paleo challenge on 01 Sept. I did not enjoy the fact that I could not ask questions or anything on this group and started poking around in the Sleekgeek group. I then looked into the Sleekgeek website and saw much more value there (and it is South-African)… YaY this was the break through I was waiting for. I then started participating on the Sleekgeek facebook group and found that this inspired me every single day…. What a positive bunch of people all having the same goal as me. All having the same problems, all getting questions answered fast and promptly – positively.

I then joined heat 5 of the Sleekgeek Challenge. This has been the “Push” I needed to succeed in something that I needed in my life… my inspiration… for myself !


I carried on with my Paleo – I find that this is the one that works for me. I will be on Paleo and Sleekgeek for the rest of my life.

So Paleo lifestyle and exercise. My exercise of choice for the last 4 months was doing lots of (speed) walking and walking/running races.

Mostly I am doing walking in our area (lots of hills – good workout)… also the parkruns at our local park. Nice thing is I got my family to join me in these.

We all push hard on these walks – what a nice way to end a stressful day. I also did some of the Challenge home gym exercises – this was super fun.

I have progressed and I am so happy. My blood pressure came down drastically – I had very high BP since my last child was born – until now…. Now it is normal again.

What a fantastic benefit of Sleekgeek and Paleo.

My next goal is to get through the holidays – still sticking to Paleo and running on the beach with my kids.

Next year I am joining the gym and I am going to firm up all these loose ends on my body – by the end of next year I want to look super hot and taught.

I still have lots of work to do and I will get there, one bite and one step at a time.

The Sleekgeek way of life is my new journey, my best hobby I have ever had, the only diet I have and will ever stick to for the rest of my life.

Nothing will ever be the same again. I will never go back again to my old way of life. – EVER . . . . . . . . . #SG4life

PS… I have not cheated since I started on 1 Sept. So proud of myself!


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