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Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

3,2,1… go! (BEEEP!)

In a Crossfit box that terrifying countdown sequence is how all workouts start. When the buzzer sounds it is time to ‘embrace the suck’. Each workout I get a little nervous and my tummy turns. I fear and respect it. I know the next few minutes are going to be hard. Of that there is no doubt. There is no turning back. From then it is a blur of movement, sweat and exertion. When the buzzer beeps again to signal the end 5,10,15, 20 mins later and you’re lying flat on your back staring at the ceiling with a warm joy rushing over you there is no better feeling of achievement. You did it! You never regret it. BOOM!

That is the point when my coach will smile and say “But did you die?” So far the answer has always been “no” thankfully. The gorgeous irony is that it is always fun in the end. There was never any real suffering at all. Only growth and progress.

The ability to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and how this will transform your life.

To create new possibilities in your world you need to become someone you have never been before. Think about that statement for a second.

You want an impressive physique you need to become someone who lifts weights. You want to get really strong you need to become someone who lifts heavy weights. You want to make sure you always have quality nutritious food you need to become someone who sources, cooks and prepares their own food daily.

Who do you want to be? Who are you being right now? Who do you need to be?

This past week it is a central theme on the Sleekgeek community to give up smoking. I believe if you value your health you must stop smoking. Simple as that. The common sentiment is that people “can’t”, “wish they could” and it is “too hard”. [Join our Stop smoking Group]

I was a champion-Springbok-chain-smoker for 16 years (at least a box and a half a day) and giving up about 4 years ago was the hardest thing I have done in my life so far. But the most worthwhile. One of the things I am most proud about. People ask me how I did it.

I did it cold turkey and when I play back in my mind the success factor was simply the ability to ride out the desire and pain. To be able to say NO. Something I was not able to do in the past. I would not give in and take the easy road. I took the path that lead to where I wanted to be. It was much harder but much better.

It meant I had to put aside the instant gratification we crave as humans in view of the future I desired. For 6 weeks I was the most miserable, depressed, angry and horrible human being on earth. You would not have wanted to be anywhere near me. I would have bitten your head off. It reminded me of how in the movie Trainspotting they would lock heroine addicts in a room for days to ‘sweat it out’. But I crossed the abyss and emerged on the other side of suffering with my freedom and joy. It was beautiful. The world tasted and smelled better.

Similar to when I want to eat a chocolate late at night. It is so much easier to have it, give into the sugar monster and not deal with the discomfort of denying myself. Like a spoilt kid. We all do that right? [Join our Sugar Free Challenge]

It made me think that perhaps most of us by default feel entitled to a hassle-free life where we get to coast along and make as little effort as possible. People feel entitled to get the results they want with no work or effort. Like it will somehow magically wash over them if they wish hard enough.
A planet of coasters and free-riders. To get different results you have to do different things.

But we are different! We are Sleekgeeks! We understand the value of working for what we desire in life. [Take our Sleekgeek Pledge]

The beauty is that we have the power to be different if we choose it.

The Sleekgeek mantra is #eatcleantraindirty and I get asked what “training dirty” means. It is simple. It means to push past your levels of comfort. It is relative. For you it may be to do a slow jog instead of a walk but for someone else it may be a sprint. The point is to push to the area of growth.

Change happens in discomfort. No wonder they call it growing pains!

If you want your muscles to grow you have to do the extra tough reps that make you pull funny faces.If you want to be a better runner you need to go further each time even when every step seems impossible. If you want to excel at your job, your relationships or any area of your life you have to go somewhere further. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

So come on Sleeks, embrace the suck… Transform your life!

Who are you going to become?



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