Shona Bredenkamp 22kg Weightloss Story


My story dates back to August 2010 when I weighed my heaviest, 84kg. I had just returned from an overseas holiday, downloaded all the pictures and that’s when my worst nightmare came true. I didn’t want to share any of my pictures with friends and family as I HATED the way I looked. I remember swimming with a tank top and shorts on as I was to shy to swim in my costume (full body costume). I went into a state of “whatever” and hated everybody and the world.

How I got to this was simple, unhealthy eating and never moving. My menu consisted of red wine, cheese and crackers and a box of cigarettes a day………… Disgustingly unhealthy.

In this time my best friend got engaged and was planning her wedding, she then asked me to be her Maid of Honor, I took one good look at myself and said I will never have another “fat photo” again.

I decided to join the gym and was then advised to see a dietician. I started off really slow going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, eating healthier and drinking water. Within the first month I lost 4 kg and was SUPER excited to how small changes made a difference. I had 4 months to lose another 10kg that’s when I decided to take it a lot more seriously. I got an eating plan from the dietician and a personal trainer. I trained 5 days a week, ate only what was on my plan and drank about 4l of water a day and in the end my total weight loss was 22kg ?????


Was this easy? NO! Was it fun to turn down wine and cakes? NO! It was never easy going out with my group of friends and not been able to drink and eat what they were, but everybody is different and my body could not handle all the junk anymore. I would feel ill if I had something my body was not use to. This was when it became easy to be healthy, the decision of what to eat and drink then was so simple, EAT CLEAN and feel good.

Now I am a gym junkie, I still have my PT and still train 5 days a week. I run over weekends and when I’m bored I go to gym. My grocery list consists of chicken, lean beef and veggies. I LOVE water and I will occasionally have my glass of wine as I now know how to control myself and still believe in a balanced life

I then saw a post on a friends wall, Eat clean, train dirty and it was love at first site…… I inboxed Elan and asked him a few questions and since then I am obsessed with SG and it’s amazing journey.

I have learnt that YOU are your worst critic, learn to love yourself faults and all. We are not perfect but if YOU are not happy YOU need to drive the change; be dedicated, passionate and honest to the process of a healthy life and trust me, you will love it.

Happy and healthy and a proud Geek



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