3 Ways you can think your way to a healthier you


Becoming healthy and fit is one of the best gifts you could ever give to yourself – you become stronger, happier and life begins to have so much more to offer you. It’s not an easy journey, falling off the wagon or getting side tracked is natural – you’re only human after all. I’ve noticed that the people who have the right mindset are the ones who succeed. Does that mean never failing? No, not at all! What it does mean is that you keep your eyes on the prize always and keep working towards your goals.

I’ve put together three things you can start doing today that will help you get the right mindset for a lifetime of health.

  1. Be Grateful

Name three things every single day for 30 days (to start with) that you are grateful for. If you want to be specific, make these body related or fitness related.

For example:

– I am grateful that I have a body that works

– I am grateful that I have access to healthy food

– I am grateful that I enjoy broccoli

– I am grateful that I have the support of my Sleekgeek Family

You could be even more specific (I am grateful that I can run/walk/swim/cook etc) it’s up to you! Practicing being grateful is a very powerful tool in overall wellbeing and it will help you to truly appreciate the journey that you’re on.

2) Enjoy the process

Too often we make things so difficult for ourselves – completely unnecessarily! Have fun with it – find a way to get moving that you enjoy! Get creative in the kitchen. Connect with people on the same path as you and make it a happy process instead of a chore. You’re not losing anything, you’re gaining life! You’re ADDING value – act like it!

3) Use nicer words

Can’t, may not, not allowed, forbidden. These words are so negative and make you think you’re depriving yourself. Instead of saying, “I can’t have [insert junk food here] :(” say, “I don’t eat that” or “I don’t want that.” Instead of saying “I have to go to gym”, rather say, “I want to go to gym” It sounds so simple, but it’s really effective for getting your mindset right.

Also, be kinder to yourself! I wrote an article about that which you can read here [Love the Skin You’re In]

Have a great week Sleeks, be happy!