Well played Woolworths! A win for SA Health

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YAY! A small victory for SA society today! That is everyone in this country who cares about their health and wants to lose weight.

I just wanted to say I am delighted with the news today that local national retailer Woolworths has decided to do something positive for the health of South African society. They are removing sweets from the aisles at checkout.

I am looking forward to their competitors following suit and rolling out as quickly as possible!

They had not asked me to write this at all and in many cases I am still critical of many of their food product ingredients.

I myself as well as many of community members know what it feels like to be ‘trapped’ in the sweets isle while waiting to pay for your groceries.

The mental gymnastics and reasoning that goes on in your head can cause it to explode. Know what I mean?

Special respect to all the parents out there who have to deal with kids and toddlers at eye level of all these sugary treats. The tears, the stomping of feet and the breaking of innocent little hearts.

Is it a question of self control? Surely people can have self restraint? Yes and no. These tactics force people into a tough and I would argue an unfair situation. Situating drug addicts with drugs under their noses. It is socially irresponsible especially considering that global society is wising up the evils of sugar. That is a fact.

Yes, if someone wants sweets they will find it. In the same way an alcoholic will find alcohol. That is true.

However I for one am grateful that next time I am standing in the queue I do not have to calculate how much exercise I did that day and whether it may cancel out the packet of Chuckles in my direct eye-line.

I think this is a victory for health in SA so I felt compelled to put on record my happiness!

Other countries have taken the lead but great to see we are getting with the times.

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If you have shares in a sugar manufacturing company I would sell them now,

Eat clean, train dirty



  • If you would like to read it here is the original press release as it appeared verbatim on their company media site over here
Press Release
28 August 2015


Woolworths has been on its Good Food Journey for over 10 years, during which time significant steps have been taken towards providing customers with better choices.  Some noteworthy milestones have included the announcement in 1999 that MSG and tartrazine would no longer be used, as well as substantial salt and sugar reductions in many existing foods products.

As the next step on this journey, Woolworths has made the decision to remove all sweets and chocolates from our checkout queues, reflecting our commitment to providing alternatives for children and parents.

Over the course of 2007 and 2008, Woolworths removed the equivalent of 20 million teaspoons (approximately 79 tonnes) of sugar from our chilled 100% juices and nectars, reduced the sugar content across the yoghurt range by 15% and gradually reduced the salt content used in making over 100 of its own-brand products, which has resulted in a dramatic reduction of 35.2 tonnes of salt. These include breads, cereals and deli meats, as well as biltong, cheese, boerewors, fish, party snacks and some of its frozen foods.

Spencer Sonn, member of the Foods Leadership Team at Woolworths, said, “I am delighted that we are committing to remove sweets and chocolates from our checkout aisles. Customers can trust that Woolworths has their best interests at heart, and as a father myself, I am very proud that we are leading the way on providing healthier kids’ options. We want to thank our customers for their continuing support and for their feedback on the kind of snacks they would like to see on the stands at pay points.”

Woolworths will be engaging with customers through panel discussions and focus groups to find out what alternatives they would like to see in the checkout aisles. The rollout will start with all new Woolworths stores, as well as large format stores.