Thank you to our Strong, Sleek Ladies


It’s August, Women’s Month and we wanted to say a huge big thank you to each and every lady that forms a part of the Sleekgeek Community. Where would we be without each and every one of you? We just want to let you know that we appreciate YOU. Whether you are someone who posts often, or a silent observer. Whether you’re in the main group, or prefer the privacy of the secret girls group – or both! You are valued and loved by the team here at HQ.

Here are 5 Things that make Sleek Ladies awesome:

1) Food prep? We’ve GOT this:

2) Working out, even when we don’t want to:

3) Saying no to those cravings:

4) Surviving DOMS (delayed onset muscles soreness):

5) Being strong, powerful women – uplifting each other every day:

I asked our Sleek Girls the following question:

Tell me what is the best thing about being a woman who is active and healthy? Here are a few of the answers that stood out the most:

1) Confidence:




2) Physical Strength:



3) Better Stress Management/More Energy:



To see the original post and the other comments [click here] (*note: you will only be able to see this if you are part of the Sleek Girls group)

Here’s to you ladies, have a fabulous women’s month.