Being part of the Sleekgeek family will improve your health

Last week the Sleekgeek Facebook Group reached 30,000 members. It is a major milestone and we are very excited at HQ to expand our SG Family. Exactly 3 years ago there were only 600 of us! 

I used to always refer to Sleekgeek as a community but more and more I am using the word ‘family’. Why? The word ‘Community’ does not do justice to the love I see among our Sleeks.  You too are a ‘Sleek’ and a valuable member of our diverse incredible family. With us you have a healthy place to BELONG. If you have just arrived then welcome! You will never have to eat or train alone again. 

Today I will reveal why this is one of the major ingredients to your success. 

At SG we are all deeply connected by our values and beliefs. It is much the same as any minority group or culture. We live in a world that is not designed for you to succeed with your health goals and ambitions. As such like-minded people that ‘get you’ are very rare to find. In the SG family you can find 10s of 1000s of us to chose from!

Food manufacturers have let us down, most health brands are just wanting to make a quick buck off a new ‘wonder weight-loss product’, doctors mostly want to prescribe meds where lifestyle interventions are often the real cures. Employers are not interested in your health. Your colleagues think you are the freak in the corner with your chicken salad. Your family thinks you will quit anyway and it’s just another ‘phase’ you are going through. Your friends think you were more “fun” when you spent all your social time drinking, eating or smoking yourself into a coma. Any of these scenarios sounding slightly familiar?  At least one of these if not more is the experience of most of our Sleekgeeks that I speak to.

Enter SG! Your family and ‘go to’ for support from people who are on the same journey to health no matter their level or strategy. We are all trying to live our best and most optimal life regardless of the reason. Me? I want to be in great health for as long as possible so I can be best I can be at everything I do. What is your driving force?

How will being part of this family bring you results and happiness?

You can have the best plan in the world in your hand – In black and white – developed by the greatest experts in the world. Close your eyes quick and picture it in your hand. If you do not or cannot implement the plan it is utterly worthless and squandered. You are better off implementing a mediocre plan.

How to be a success

I believe there are two major keys to sticking to the plan and compliance in the long term.

One is fixing your head and mindset. Until you have adjusted your thinking and shifted your values and beliefs you are likely to always be on the hamster wheel of ‘two steps forward, one step back”.

The second is having a solid support structure. That is where I am focusing today.

Humans were not designed to do things alone. We are social beings. Like I said….  with Sleekgeek you will never eat or train alone again. I really mean it. Whatever form that reminder or experience comes in. Whether it be the SG band on your wrist, the voice in your head, an actual person you have met in the community that you team up with. We are always right here with you.

You are not a freak or obsessed or a raving lunatic. Your goals and ambitions are not silly. You are simply striving to be ‘normal’ in an ‘abnormal’ world. We get that. Everyone else are the freaks who prefer to live a life of slow decay and descend into poor health.

We are your accountability. Come into the group. State your goals in public. Give regular updates and not only will it help keep you on track but you will inspire others!

We all need someone cheering in our corner. That is SG. We are here with you for life. Hence the hashtag #SG4life you will often see me posting on Facebook when we reach a major milestone.

If you are relatively new to our family or need a refresher then like every family we have a code which talks about we behave. The Sleekgeek family code is to “Respect, Uplift and Inspire”.

If you are reading this and feeling you have not had this special family experience with the Sleekgeek community yet then I encourage you to take things to the next level. Get off the bench on the sidelines and get involved. Like anything in life, the more you put in the more you get out. Simple as that. Start attending our events. Go to parkruns, come to our dinners, participate in the Facebook group and make friends with others in the community virtually and then face to face. The goal really is to make new friends who share a common interest and journey. I am challenging you to do that in the community.

Like any family we have all kinds of personalities, shapes, sizes and colours to chose from. That is the diversity I love about Sleekgeek.

How a social network can improve your health 

Birds of a feather flock together. I found this great video on Youtube which explains the relationship of our health to the health of your friends. The studies show that if your friends are overweight it is more likely you will be. But it also talks about the power of social media and similar tools to create support and improvement.

Further then that our attitudes and actions, even our very own happiness – is part of a collective set of attitudes and actions shared by the people that we know and the people that they know.

What this means in short is that we are the product of what we surround yourself with. Surrounding yourself with other happy motivated inspiring people trying to improve their lives that can only benefit you.

If you have 20 mins and this interests you I would suggest you watch this fascinating Ted Talk Youtube video on the topic


If the people you spend the most time with are critical in your own growth and development as a person – as well as your own attitude toward everything from the food you eat, to the exercise you choose, to the hobbies you spend your time on – if you want to improve something about yourself, it’s probably important to consider your social network in the equation. So as a part of Sleekgeek you have already ticked that box. Now STICK with us!

Some of the benefits of being part of the SG family may include:

  • Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged for wanting to be more awesome
  • Feeling kick-ass for deciding to take control of your life
  • Being inspired every day by our amazing people!
  • Talking openly and sharing honestly about your feelings and reality in a safe space. Facing your demons with others who have the same ‘stuff’.
  • Being constantly reminded to make better choices
  • Learning more about your problems from a group of people at different levels.
  • Comparing notes about resources and solutions
  • Discovering that health and your journey can be FUN!

I can think of so many more. Feel free to list any others in the comments below too! 

In closing I want to say I am so happy you are a part of our family. Get involved!  


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