How to Destroy Your Fear


What has your fear of failure prevented you from doing already in your life?

How many times have you consciously or subconsciously used it as an excuse to stay the same and not progress?

It has to stop today.

If you want to progress and grow in life, start getting comfortable with being a little uncomfortable.

I wrote this today because a friend messaged me and said that someone she knew did not want to come to the Sleekgeek Monthly Dinner because she “was not skinny enough”.

Now given that the Sleekgeek community is made up of people of all shapes and sizes and is extremely accepting of anyone, her sentiment is unfounded.

It made me frustrated and very sad that this person could be missing out on a golden opportunity to change her life for no legitimate reason.

Sleeks, the fears and the lies you tell yourself are not valid. Understand that. Please! Reflect on it.

Now I am not a psychologist but I believe what she was really saying was “I am ashamed of myself.” That has nothing to do with others. This is something a person has to overcome and realize if they are taking positive steps there is no reason to be ashamed.

You will only be well received and embraced.

If not then there is a saying: “Those who matter don’t mind, those who mind don’t matter“. Life is much happier that way.

I have also seen many cases where people do not participate in events like our fun Sleekgeek Saturdays parkruns because they think they are not good enough, or do not look good enough, or whatever other reason they can convince themselves to stay trapped by their fears and inside their comfort zones.

I have written about participation before. I used to have a girlfriend who wanted to get active and outdoors, but because I was overweight and unfit it filled me with fear to the point of making me aggressive about the topic. If I had only tried then just once, I might have sorted my life out sooner and become unstuck from my situation.

My fear prevented me.

There is also that classic scenario where people say they do not want to go to the gym because they feel self-conscious and that people are judging them. Sorry guys. That is nothing but an excuse. That is fear of change talking. Nobody in the gym cares about you or what you look like. They care about themselves.

And on the rare occasion they may judge you stuff em! Why should you deprive yourself of your opportunity to change. Once again… ignore all idiots.

The ONLY person judging you is YOU. Remember that.

So what are you afraid of? The next time you experience the fear to do something reflect on that question.

THEN ask yourself

What is the worst thing that can happen to you?

In most cases no body is going to die!

I love Elliot Hulse and if you do not mind a few profanities listen to what he has to say here about defeating self doubt:


What do you stand to gain if you are wrong about your fears versus what you have to lose by conceding to them?

You will probably find that fear in fact prevents more good then bad things happening to you.

Now get out there and be fearless. Start to get involved and participate.

Do things you never dreamed you could and you will see how easy they in fact are.

We fear most the things we do not understand.

So I said I would tell you HOW to conquer your fear. Well as you can see there is only one way. SIMPLY do the thing you are afraid to do.

Eat clean, train dirty,



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