5 Reasons not having lots of time for gym can be an advantage


Guest post: Ashley Galliard – Sport Scientist

Ashley Galliard is the creator of most of the training plans in Sleekgeek’s ULTIMATE YOU 8-Week Challenge and is always ready and waiting to give solid expert advice to our community. 

Have you ever caught yourself saying ‘I just don’t have enough time to train!’

I can honestly say from a personal perspective, that what has kept my training on track over the years is the fact that I’m busy, and have very little time to train. This is a blessing to me, not a curse. It’s often said…if you want to get the job done, give it to a busy person…. and, it seems, the same applies to exercise.

Here’s why I believe a lack of time can act in your favour, from personal experience:

1. You can’t procrastinate. Because I have a very small window of opportunity to train, (between 20 and 30 minutes per day on average) I have no time to procrastinate, no time to think about it or talk myself out of it. I put my mind into neutral and go for it.

2. High intensity. Because I have so little time, I have to work at a high intensity, and I lift as heavy as I can (given the volume and minimum rest time) – this is awesome to put your body into an anabolic state. I will get through 20 to 26 sets per workout, experimenting with different set structure and combinations.

3. It’s less intimidating. Longer sessions have the tendency to psych me out – the thought of pushing through an hour of intense exercise when you know there will be a backlog of work waiting for you at the end, I find quite stressful and I tend to become less focused. ( I must admit though I do enjoy the times when I have more time to exercise and zone out, like on weekends).

4. Time management. I am forced to plan my training, to know exactly when and what I will be doing during the session (and how to plan my meals around it for that matter). In this way, my training time is optimised.

5. Minimum equipment needed. My sessions are structured in such a way that I use minimum equipment in order to transition from one exercise to the next quickly. If necessary, with a bit of creativity, I can train anywhere with minimum or even no equipment.

Although I am busy (and love it), I also know that however hard I am working, there is someone working harder with more commitments than me and still finding the time to exercise. The benefits of short bouts of intense exercise are well proven – don’t let a lack of time limit you, use it to your advantage!


– Ashley Galliard