What just 5 minutes can do to improve your health

5 minutes

Small changes in your life can make the world of a difference when it comes to health and fitness.

You don’t always need the most complicated and perfect workout or nutrition plan… Sometimes just minor tweaks here and there are all you need.

Think about it.

5 minutes of exercise in the morning every day adds up to 30 HOURS of exercise per year.

That’s a lot! Even better, anyone can benefit from it. Whether you don’t workout at all or whether you already workout for 6 hours a week, you can still add 5 minutes of something.

  • New to being physically active? Try 5 minutes of walking, or 5 minutes of jogging on the spot, or 5 minutes of some kind of circuit such as 5xLunges, 5xPushups, 5xSquats, 5xSitups repeated.
  • Intermediate looking to get a bit more of a workout in? Try 5 minutes of skipping, 5 minutes of running around the block, or 5 minutes of some kind of circuit as mentioned above.
  • Looking to bring up lagging areas? Try 5 minutes of pushups, or 5 minutes of squats, or 5 minutes of pullups.
  • Already got your workout nailed down? I bet you could still benefit from 5 minutes of stretching, 5 minutes of mobility work, or 5 minutes of foam rolling.

How else can you apply this to your life?

How about 1 less teaspoon of sugar in your coffee each day? Or 1 less cup of coffee in general? Perhaps 1 less can of soda or glass of wine, or maybe 1 more healthy snack, or just the dreaded 1 less unnecessary dessert.

It doesn’t need to be daily, it could even just be weekly. Hell, what about just 1 more hike or yoga session each month?

Add it all up over several years and see what a difference it can make – because we are all in this for the long haul right? These small things matter over time. It’s a lifestyle.

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