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Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town

Following its successful launch last year, the Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town taking place on 25 and 26 April 2015 will once again form part of the International Triathlon Union’s (ITU) popular World Triathlon Series. The series attracts many thousands of participants and spectators to 10 of the world’s most iconic cities over a period of seven months.

The Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town notched up a record-breaking 2000 entries in its inaugural event, and as the only African event in the World Triathlon Series expects to build on that achievement by being well poisitoned to see double the amount of participants  taking to the emblamatic blue transition area.   Entries for the 2015 Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town are open, and it is not too late to start a training programme and realise your potential as an individual or relay triathlete.

Already famous for its world class cycling and running events, Cape Town is the ideal destination for a major triathlon event – a sporting platform that makes a major contribution towards promoting an active lifestyle.  The city was ranked as the healthiest and fittest in the Vitality Fittest City Index in 2013 and ObeCity Index last year… As more and more people recognise the value in following a varied exercise regime, multisports such as triathlons are constantly gaining in popularity.

The Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town event not only invites the world’s seasoned and finest triathletes to South Africa’s Mother City, but also makes it possible for novice or single discipline athletes to experience their first multisport event.  With Sprint and Olympic distances, as well as individual, team and paratriathlete categories, the event caters for elite triathletes competing for international rankings, as well as beginners who want to vary or expand their sporting experiences.

“While a triathlon may seem daunting,” comments Dinesh Govender, Discovery’s head of Marketing, “It is an ideal opportunity for those who have been dedicated to just running or cycling for years to break out and do something different.  If you don’t feel that you have the confidence to take on either the swimming, running and cycling legs yourself, you can still experience the exceptional vibe of a triathlon event and participate by forming a multi-disciplinary team.  The swimming leg is commonly regarded as a barrier but the Sprint distance race with a swim of 500 metres provided by the Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town encourages everyone to ‘Dare to Tri’.”

The Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town is also an ideal event for businesses to enhance their corporate wellness programmes by encouraging team participation as a means to foster a culture of healthy living in the work-place.  An influx of novices is expected for the 2015 Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town with multi-sport specialists such as Embark ( already training enthusiasts in their ‘Your First Triathlon’ programme.

The Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town event takes place at the V&A Waterfront and Greenpoint Stadium precinct with the challenging swim starting out at Quay 6, the cycle route traversing the Atlantic seaboard and the run circling the area.  It offers triathlon participants and spectators a unique inner city experience of their sport.  While the event aims to showcase all that Cape Town has to offer international participants, it is also organised to engage local supporters in the excitement of witnessing the thrilling trials and triumphs of those competing in the ultimate of sporting challenges.

For more information on the Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town and how to enter, please visit

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Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

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