9 Reasons why sugar is evil and you should do our 30 day Sugar Free Challenge

Easter weekend has just passed. A happy family time to get away but also laced with easter eggs, hot cross buns and decadence. Was it a sugary haze for you too?

I reflected this weekend about my health and I decided to be honest with myself. Last week at the Cape Town Sleekgeek Dinner we had Karen Thomson the author of “Sugar Free” talk to us and the reality hit home. I am a sugar addict.

The little sugar monster has its hooks in me and always has.

Chuckles at Woolies, speckled eggs at the Petrol station, ice cream on the beach and the honour role goes on.

The first step to healing is to acknowledge your problem and decide to take ownership over it.

So I sat down yesterday and created a Sleekgeek 30 Days Sugar Free Challenge for me and for YOU because I know that so many of our sleeks battle sugar addiction daily whether they are aware of it or now. The chances are you are not aware of it.

[Join me on the 30 day Sugar Free Challenge here]

For example I do not like dark chocolate. I want real chocolate. It is not the chocolate I am after. It is the sugar. I love ice cream. But it’s the sugar for me. Always the sugar. The tough part is there is sugar everywhere and hidden in almost everything we eat. Most of the time you are not even aware if not vigilant.

I spend 80-90% of my life eating real clean healthy food which is the Sleekgeek way. The other 10-20% of the time I am having things that I know to not absolute best as I try achieve some ‘balance’ in my life.

But if I think hard enough those cheats are simply my addict brain persuading me to keep feeding my body my drug of choice. Studies have shown sugar to be more addictive then cocaine. Makes you think right. So this is more about willpower. I was a chainsmoker for most of my adult life and gave up smoking 3 years ago.

So in trying to lead a balanced life all I have done is kept myself in a cycle that I believe does not benefit my health.

This weekend I recognised major similarities around my emotions associated to nicotine and sugar. I have a feeling that the battle will be similar.

The world’s eyes have become open to the peril of sugar which is the real enemy, not fat. Little grains of sugar are not themselves evil. It is what man has done with sugar that has caused a world where we consume vast quantities daily compared to what we were ever intended to. That has had a far ranging effect on world health.

There are tons of great articles and science around the internet to show you the issues with Sugar.

I found a great article from Authority Nutrition who I like as a source of trusted content. It outlines 9 powerful reasons why you should consider eradicating sugar from your life.  For each of the point below you can read their original article that has all the expanded details and links to research. [Click here to read the original article with detail]

  • The only organ that can metabolize fructose is the liver. When we eat a lot of fructose, which makes up 50% of sugar, many things in the body start to go wrong
  • Most products with added sugars in them contain very little nutrients and can therefore be classified as “empty” calories.
  • Eating a lot of added sugar (fructose) can cause deposition of fat in the liver and lead to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
  • Consuming a large part of calories as fructose can lead to serious adverse effects on blood markers in as little as 10 weeks.
  • Excess fructose consumption can lead to insulin resistance, a stepping stone towards obesity and diabetes.
  • Excess sugar consumption has been associated with many serious diseases, including obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Studies comparing fructose and glucose show that fructose does not induce satiety like glucose, which will contribute to a higher calorie intake.
  • Sugar, due to its powerful effects on the reward system in the brain, can lead to classic signs of addiction.
  • Leptin is a hormone that is secreted by our fat cells and is supposed to function as a signal to tell the brain that we’re full and need to stop eating. Sugar causes leptin resistance.

Source https://authoritynutrition.com/9-reasons-to-avoid-sugar/

[Join me on the 30 day Sugar Free Challenge here]

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