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5 Reasons to Not Give Up

Any person who has ever been on a health and fitness journey will tell you that it isn’t easy. No one woke up one day and instantly became fit, healthy and a sugar free master chef overnight. We are a society that is trained to enjoy instant gratification, but this lifestyle takes time and practice to adopt. Unfortunately, it didn’t take you one day to put on all your excess weight, or get unfit, so it certainly isn’t going to take one day of eating clean and training dirty to reach your goals (sorry!)

That said, there’s absolutely no reason to give up if you’ve had a bad weekend or a “cheat” meal (hate that word) or if you nosedived straight into a jar of Nutella. Because one bad weekend/one bad meal does NOT dictate the rest of your life. It does not change the fact that you want to be healthier, fitter and happier than you have ever been before.

Here are 5 reasons not to give up (even when you feel like quitting)

1) You don’t want to go backwards

Don’t let one misstep lead to a sprint in the wrong direction. Acknowledge your mistake and pick up where you left off. If that’s a missed work out, get your butt into the gym tomorrow. If that’s a chocolate cake then make sure your next meal is 100% on track. Remember why you started (which leads me to reason number 2)

2) Remember why you started

There is a reason you started your journey towards health and fitness. Maybe you have a weight related illness, maybe you got out of breath just climbing the stairs or maybe you just weren’t happy with the person in the mirror. You owe it to yourself to never give up. It took a lot of courage for you to take the first step – don’t let that person down.

3) You could be an inspiration

Your daily actions might be inspiring others, whether you know it or not. What we do is watched constantly, from our children to our co workers to the person Facebook stalking you from the other side of the world. Lead by example. That doesn’t mean be superhuman and never make a mistake, it just means keep up the good work.

4) You deserve success

In fact, you deserve the world. Keep putting in the work so that you can reap the rewards that are waiting for you. Acknowledge, deep down, that you are worth all this effort – I can’t stress enough how important that is. Do this because you LOVE your body, not because you hate it.

5) You have everything you need

You are the strongest resource you have, you have a mind, body and spirit that is strong and determined (if you allow it to be) and if you commit to your journey wholeheartedly, nothing will stand in your way.

BONUS: We believe in you.

At Sleekgeek, we have seen thousands of success stories. We have also seen thousands of “fallen off the wagon” posts. But what we truly appreciate is seeing someone who despite hardship, struggles or a bad day, gets up, dusts themselves off and gets straight back into it. We know you can do it.

You’ve come this far haven’t you?


Have a great, strong week.


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Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

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