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Be True To Yourself

I’ve been thinking a lot about integrity and specifically about having a relationship with yourself that has integrity where you keep your word to yourself and don’t let yourself down.

I’m starting to believe more that it’s the fundamental key to a fulfilled and rich life.

Have you noticed when you say that you are going to do something and you actually do it you will feel a little more powerful each time?

For most of the years of my life I was a chronic procrastinator. I would agonize over doing the task rather then doing the task. Constantly putting things off. Even to the point of it being a self destructive force in your life. Then when I finally did it the thing was not so bad and I was pleased. It’s a vicious circle and totally irrational. I’ve never really understood it. Most of you will have some sense of what I’m talking about? I can see you nodding your head.

The emotions are a mix of guilt, regret, helplessness, disappointment and no matter how logical it seems to just do the task you feel absolutely stuck!

It is debilitating.

The real thing to realize is that the pain of not doing the thing is far greater then the pain of doing it.

I’m not even sure how I overcame it but in the past 2 years of owning my own business I somehow did.

But this post is not about procrastination.

It’s about personal power and how we create and generate it! It is a force that can literally change your life.

The fact is that since I started doing things I said I would I began to trust myself more. And if you cannot trust your word to yourself you have a problem in your life.

This relates to all areas of your life and of course your health.

Have you noticed how if you say you are going to exercise X times in a week and when you do it you feel a sense of power. When you don’t you feel weak. Same goes for every time you eat something that you really no you should not unless it was a planned cheat meal.

I am by no means perfect and I still have not mastered this but I am much better then I ever was and I get stronger all the time.

That is why success is not about motivation. Motivation is a feeling. Success is really about discipline. It is about committing to doing the things you put your word to.

Commit to something this week and DO IT. See how it makes you feel.

Enjoy the journey to power sleeks!


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Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

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