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Have a lovely festive season!

Hi Sleeks!

It’s been an exciting year full of many milestones for the Sleekgeek Community! I still need to pinch myself when I see how we have grown. How many people’s lives we are changing for the better.

If you’d attended the year end dinners in CT and JHB you would have heard me talk about these in detail. If not I hope to see you at our first 2015 dinners in Feb.

I believe it’s really important to take time out to rest and relax. Time to do different things and REBOOT beyond just nutrition. These are the spaces we have our best thoughts, see the grander canvas of life and gain some perspective on what matters, our goals and our dreams.. The last time I took such a trip I wrote my perfect day.

Making time for yourself is a healthy thing. That’s just what I’ve done. I’m in Thailand by myself for 4 weeks to think about the year ahead.

In fact right now I’m sitting on a short domestic flight to Sarat Thani, then I’ll hop on a ferry to Koh Tao, a beautiful island in the gulf of Thailand! The best part… They have a Crossfit gym.. So it beach, training and relaxation for me.

You do not have to spend lots of money and have an exotic holiday but you must get out of your current environment and unplug. Do what you can to break out from the normal routine.

Modern society often demands it but life is not all work.

I’m feeling the holiday vibes so I’m not going to say more but I want you to read two guiding, wise and insightful posts that advise you on how to handle a healthy holiday period.

One is by Eric Chowles, who has been helping me with SG behind the scenes the last 2 years while he was completing a Technology degree. I’m ecstatic to announce that Eric has decided to put the world of IT on hold and will be joining the SG team full time in January.

The other is from Ashley Galliard, who was in my class in high school. Ashley is humble to a fault (pretty rare in the fitness industry I’ve found). His knowledge as a Sport Scientist is excellent and I entrust him to write our training plans for the Sleekgeek Challenges. He always provides sound advice and always willing to help people.

Eric’s post – view it on Facebook HERE

Hey everyone, just want to take a moment to talk about your nutrition goals and the upcoming festive season.
Many nutrition programs are based on an all-or-nothing approach. Whether this is effective or not is debatable, but what is clear is that long-term health itself is a best-effort approach. It can never be perfect.
For many it’s a bit unreasonable to expect you to not enjoy some of the amazing meals and celebrations with your family and friends that may not be allowed on your nutrition program.
INSTEAD of throwing in the towel now and letting yourself go until the new year comes around, I want to suggest that you remind yourself that health is a BEST EFFORT APPROACH.
It is NOT all or nothing.
Do the best that you can, from right now until into the new year and beyond. If you have one or two days of bad eating or over indulgence it is not the end of the world. It is only one small step back. You will still be ahead of where you might have been if you just gave in and took hundreds of steps back in your journey to better health. This time next year you will be further ahead than if you had waited until new year to “start” being healthy again.
I’m not going to advocate eating mince pies (mmmm…), chocolate, cake, and things like that… but if you do, realize that you can still enjoy it while having only 1/2 or even just 1/3 of the portion you would normally have. You also don’t have to indulge EVERY single day.
Never think to yourself “Oh but I don’t have enough self control for that”. Self control is a CONSCIOUS act. It’s something that YOU have the power over.
You can also take the initiative to find and make healthier alternatives to favourite meals and desserts. You aren’t completely powerless. Not every cheese cake or chocolate mouse needs to be loaded with sugar and syrup. An example is if you search on Google for “Primal cheesecake” or “Paleo chocolate mousse”… you will find healthier recipes to make. Regardless of whether you actually follow a Paleo or Primal lifestyle, you can add these keywords in front of just about any recipe search term to find something that at uses ingredients that are at least a little bit better than something bought from the store.
I know that I will be having the occasional indulgence, especially since I am going to be in Europe for 2 weeks. But I’m confident in my ability to not over indulge. I also recognize that I life a healthy lifestyle and that vitality goes beyond just nutrition. The whole time I’m still working on being active, thinking positively, building good relationships, avoiding destructive behavior, and just staying true to the kind of person that I am. I know that the overall net-result from all of my other healthy habits will still keep me in a good place.

Ash’s post – view it on Facebook here

Hey Sleeks, you’ve worked hard this year and earned some much needed relaxation time over December. We all need time to kick our feet up and just chill on the beach with a good book and maybe even a cocktail;). Time to unwind, fully recuperate and enjoy some of the festivities, including the decadent food and drink- nothing wrong with that from time to time!
As much as we all need some time to do absolutely nothing, too much of nothing is not a good thing. Reducing your activity level too much during the festive period when you’re likely to be eating more, can no doubt undo some of the hard earned improvements made throughout the year. More calories consumed, less calories burned…. you get the picture.
As you know, exercise is a very important part of relaxation and reducing stress. Remember how good you feel when you exercise, how much energy you have, how it clears your head and lifts your mood? Who doesn’t want that while on holiday?
You may not always be able to get to the gym whilst away on holiday, so my advice, don’t be despondent, take the time to be a little less routine driven, and a little more spontaneous about exercise over the holiday period. Go for walks; hikes; swim or paddle in the sea; hire mountain bikes and take the family on an adventure; play touch rugby or volley ball on the beach. You can even create a fun beach exercise routine with body weight exercises such as squats, burpees, push ups, crab walks, sprints- all you need is a bit of imagination. HAVE FUN EXERCISING!!!
When you are new to exercise and you stop suddenly, you tend to forget how great it feels to be active. My wish for you:- Take a conscious decision to make exercise a part of your life, make exercise a part of the many wonderful memories you will create over this holiday period, and come back refreshed, more motivated and more energised than ever!

Before I sign off for 2014, I want to draw your attention to the New Years Week Body Transformation Challenge

I urge you to check it out. We have an Early Bird Sale at the beginning of Jan. Sign up for an alert to make sure you do not miss out on the announcement of WHEN, HOW etc … Check out all the info here


Thank you to every person in this community who has contributed in any way at all this year to make SG an awesome place to be. If you still lurking in the shadows I look forward to your contribution in the coming year!

I wish that you have a healthy, happy festive season. Be safe, value your health and invest in who and what you love,

See you in 2015


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