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Without your health you have nothing

When I go and do motivational speaking I often stress to people that without their health they do not have anything.

It is true.

Can you dispute it?

Then why do so many wait until it is gone before they WAKE UP.

Why do we constantly make decisions that do not support this belief. Why do we spend more money on servicing our cars then our health?

Our jobs are so important to us we seem to neglect everything doing them. That is messed up Sleeks. Jobs, work and generating income is just one part of your ecosystem as an optimized force in the universe.

The images of former Springbok Joost van der Westhuizen battling his auto-immune disease always effect me. Not long ago Joost was young, fit and on top of the world. The recent image of him and his kids televised at the rugby where heart-wrenching.

As I write this I am sitting in hospital. I am sitting waiting to be discharged. I have been here 5 days and not been outside since I checked in. I have been a prisoner to an intravenous drip. I have a viral infection that the doctor says was a freak thing. They still are not sure what is was but many tests have ruled the bad stuff out. It happens sure. Some very healthy people have bad luck and end up with terrible conditions despite doing their best to live healthy lifestyles.

Many will use this an excuse not to bother. Similar to that uncle who smoked their whole life but lived a long life.

But it made me think a lot about the majority of causes of illness that we CAN avoid and are likely avoided by living better and healthier lifestyles.

Do this exercise:

Write a list of things you COULD/WOULD do if you were healthier and fitter and had more vitality. What are you currently prevented from doing?

For example maybe you would love to climb Lions Head but your fitness levels prevent you? Maybe you want a more fulfilling sex life with your partner but your health prevents it. Maybe you just want to play with your kids and not be out of breath. Maybe you want to climb Everest?

Make that list now! What are you missing out on? What do you want?

Now write another list

If you lost your health suddenly tomorrow what would you lose out on in your life?  What would it prevent you from experiencing in your life? How would it effect your family, your career, your life.

I do not want regrets. I do not want to be lying in this very hospital bed surrounded by sickness angry at myself for not taking better care. Mad at myself for not making better choices. Looking at my family and knowing in my heart that I could have prevented this.

So my message this week is very simple.

Make decisions every day that support health and vitality and growth. Not decay and decline. 

I think we all imagine that some big event happens and we lose our health. I believe it is more like death by a 1000 paper cuts. Every decision we make in out lives pushes us in one of two directions. Either to the light of vitality or away from it. We are never going to be perfect but we need to move closer to the light as much as we can. It’s completely in your power to have a full, healthy and vital life. Start now.



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Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

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