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Rate yourself | Vitality versus sick care

Vitality versus sick care

Let me ask you a quick and simple question. Are you healthy?

Maybe my message today will illustrate that the question is not as simple as it sounds.

I work a lot with Dr Greg Venning. Together we have developed the Upgrade Your Life (UYL) online learning course for lifestyle mastery.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from Greg is that health and vitality as he prefers to call it is not merely the absence of sickness.

Before you continue reading you must watch the short video below and rate your health on a scale of 1-10.

Wow… Pretty powerful stuff right?

Can you now see that though you might not be ill and might not be sick or clinically diagnosed you may well be living a half life?

Well done if you were honestly an 8-10.. Fight every day to keep that up!

I’m a 7. The reason why is my mobility/flexibility is still very poor. An issue I’ve had since a child. This restricts my movement potential in exercise. If I do not sort it out it will effect my abilities in other areas as I get older. So I’m working on it because I want to be an 8,9 and 10.

I want to live an optimal full life.

Have you noticed how corporate wellness days for example test people looking for warning signs around blood pressure, blood sugar etc? Once again endemic of a system geared to test if we are past a certain point on the brink of health failure.

We need to address the 5-7 range where most people simply risk living a life of mediocrity.

What do you want for you and your family?


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Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

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