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Natasha Nosworthy loses 30kg with SG

WOW…. I could not wait to be asked to tell my story one day. So here I am 30kgs lighter and here we go.

I’ve always been the chubby kid, the one where Mom and Dad say no to sweets and Granny always said yes.

I have tried every diet, pill and injection you can think of to lose weight. Every time I hit the 10kg mark I thought “Hell this is great, it’s enough for now”, then when I looked again I was 15kg more. One day I got the fright of my life, I could not stop sweating and my heart was racing like crazy. I went straight to my doctor and when I arrived they immediately checked my blood pressure and it was through the roof, she said to me she does not know how I have not had a massive heart attack yet, but it sure as hell felt like I was about to. I had to get a tablet put under my tongue to sort me out.

Further bloods were taking and I was now 31 years old and had High blood pressure and a Type 2 diabetic. I was then put onto insulin to inject in my stomach every night. My legs would swell rock -hard with the water retention. If I just bumped my leg or someone knocked it I would burst out crying, it was that painful. My Dad and his family have Diabetes, it haunted me that I had to follow in his footsteps. As the saying went that if your family had it one of your children will too.

Adriana Prins does our pastel payroll and for the past 2 years I’d been watching her and her weight go up and down, I remember how proud I was of her and always asked her what she was doing, but never really made the effort to try again. She walked in a few months later and my jaw hit the floor I was so upset with her as she had picked up the weight again.  This made me realize that we all human and it takes ONE HELL OF A WILL POWER to get your mind in the right head space.

About a year later she popped in to load our new pastel package. And this time I LOCKED her in my office and demanded she sat down with me and tell me step by step how the hell she got this thin!

SLEEK GEEK was the word that came out of her mouth and I was like SLEEK WHAT, I thought this chick is nuts what the hell is that. She then hooked me up on Facebook. After seeing this picture of her you will understand why I locked her up in my office that day – 1 year COME ON how hard could it be right???

Adriana Prins
Adriana Prins

This is where it all started for me. I was umming and ahhing thinking long and hard about this. One morning while in the shower, I hear this song called “Doing It All For Me” by Black Bird, this changed my mindset in a split second!

Got to work and I logged on and started watching Adriana Prins, Jacques Conradie and Felicity Dreyer. I watched Jacques more so as he was loading pictures of his food and the scale that kept dropping, week after week.

From 130kgs November 2013 till End of 121kgs December 2013 I had done this on my own so far. Then came New Years, I found myself single AGAIN and thought to hell with it, 2014 is going to be my year and I am going balls to the wall and tits to the floor. Come hell or high water I was going to give myself 1 YEAR and this was a promise I made to MYSELF and NO ONE ELSE.

Jan 2014 came and Sleek Geek had a 8 week Comeback kid challenge, knowing who I am I knew I had to enter as I need a challenge and this was my kick up my butt to get going.

I thought I was going to DIED, I could hardly breath, my chest was on FIRE!!!!

So I entered at 121.7 With loosing the 9 kgs on my own from Nov till Dec, it was time to kick it up a notch for myself. I then joined Phase 3 group training as I needed to be around people that would keep me going.

I lost 8.8kg in my 1st Challenge and was over the moon with my transformation thus far. Nothing could stop me now right? I was on a roll… THEN one day my knee decided to give me HELL and HELL it was. I was in so much pain, I could hardly climb my stairs to get to my flat, I was so upset. But this was not going to stop me HELL NO, yes I was down as I was loving every minute of being with this awesome crowd of people pushing you to get the best results I could get. Then I remember its 80% clean eating and only 20% training Dirty. But it was the Dirty sweaty part I liked J I pushed through till April , then I was told I’m causing myself more damage and I should stop for a while. FLIP how could they tell me this?? This was my social life… I never went out as it was too hard to say no, so I stayed home. Going to exercise was my outing and I loved it L I cried with pain, I thought now what… I’ve come this far, I can’t give up!

It was a permanent mind !@#$ every day for the next 2 months. I went for physio and did small walks but made sure I did not eat junk.  In this time I got to meet Elan the founder of Sleek Geek and I was so excited to finally meet this guy that started SG he was like a celebrity to me. I entered the Beach colour fun run/walk/crawl whatever it took but I was DEF going to meet him.

natasha with sleekgs

To my excitement I got to meet Jacques, Felicity, Tammy and Tania – I was in my element, I got to meet some Sleeks too I could not keep up with them and I watched them take off in the sand like a bullet. Tania was kind enough to walk with Sky (my lil jack russel) and me. I did not make the full 5kms as my knee was paining too bad.

I then went to my 1st ever SG Dinner and was blown away with finally meeting all the people you chat to on the FB pages  and of course got to take a follow up picture with Felicity.

It has been one HELL of a journey with more ups than downs, let’s not forget LEG day when your toilet becomes your worst enemy, flopping down onto and hoping it won’t crack when you get on it LOL, getting up was like being pregnant!! Finally I got my shit together and people were noticing the change. So many doors have opened for me and I LOVE the new ME. Hopefully one day it will be me standing up at one of the dinners telling my story in person.

August I went for a check up with my doctor and was told I don’t need to be on any meds, she was so happy with me and still keeps on asking is that all you did was eat clean, I laugh and said TRAINED DIRTY LOL 😀 So I am finally off all my medication and LOVE the healthy life I’m now living.

Now if this is possible for me in 10 months, you cannot tell me it’s not possible for you!!

30kgs down 20kgs to go, HELLO DOUBLE DIGITS!

See you on the group <3

Natasha You CAN



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