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Natalie Ford used REBOOT to change her life!

Where I started…..

I am 41, about 30kgs over-weight according to my BMI (don’t get me started on BMI, it rubbish), a few months ago I couldn’t even walk to the shop I was so unfit, I never did anything physical.  I dreaded Summer because that meant outside, costumes, heat that makes me sweat, my thighs chaffing and hurting… and the beach.  I could only buy clothes at Big Girl shops which stock gross old lady clothes. I had been a type 2 diabetic for 8 years purely because of my size, I couldn’t sleep at night because of stress, I was a moody cow.  I had serious health issues.. a tumour on my adrenal gland.  In and out of hospital.  I felt like my body and I were fighting every day.  I am an intelligent person, I knew my lifestyle was the cause of the unhappiness and illness.  I knew I had to do something.

I have tried all kinds of diets over the years.. you name it, I have tried it.  Even when someone would suggest eating well and getting off my fat ass… well, I tried that (very briefly) and because my mind wasn’t right and I felt hungry and deprived, I never could see it through.  I had been noticing  a friend getting fit and healthy.  I saw her posting on Sleek Geek.  I decided to take a look and saw all these happy people, all kinds of body shapes and sizes who were there for each other, supporting each other AND the weight loss transformations were amazing.

I must be honest, it did look a bit daunting.  I didn’t think I could ever eat clean.  Sugar, butter, bread, potatoes, fried foods, booze, fizzy coldrinks, cheese, milk, cream, flour… all the things they said I wasn’t allowed to eat made up 90% of my diet.  Now how the heck was I going to cope?  I grew up eating boerekos, that’s how I learnt to cook.  My family and I are huge Foodies, we LOVE eating great tasting food.  Every social situation we have centres around food.  It was quite simple though… I had to learn how to cook again using new rules, new guidelines and I HAD to make damn sure my food tasted good otherwise I knew I would fail.  I knew that if all I ate was salad and steamed fish/chicken and veg, I would fail.  So began the research.

Using the Reboot rules of what you can and can’t eat, I googled Paleo recipes and then adapted them to fit in with Reboot.  I am so glad I did not follow a meal plan… you can and can’t eat this and that… you must eat this at THIS time.  I would have failed!!  I had to learn that when I am hungry the choices I make need to be healthy yummy ones.

natalie now

Now why did Reboot work for me?  The main reasons are that I had to change my relationship with food and I also had to get over my sugar and carb addictions.  Initially I had to fight with my mind with this.  I thought, I could NEVER drink coffee without milk or sugar.  I HAVE to have it!!  When you start thinking like that, you are setting yourself up to fail. I promise!!!  Don’t listen to your head… please.

It’s very important to stick to this for the first 30 days.  You may experience  some detox headaches but push through… it’s worth it.  Once you start eating clean, you will have so much energy.  I must stress about getting your mind right for this.  This is NOT a diet or a magic meal plan.  This is all about teaching yourself and your family to eat clean.  Yes I have lost weight but I have also learnt to make food interesting and keep it clean.  I don’t feel like I am being deprived of anything or that I CAN’T have something… it’s rather what I would prefer to put into my body.  This coming from someone who loved take-aways, cheese, wine, NO exercise and was a huge couch potato.  You know why???  Because a few days in and I started feeling wonderful.  I promised myself I would never go back to how I felt before.  Work is stressful but all of a sudden I can handle it with a smile on my face.  It’s been a huge help that my hubby and I are doing this together and that we don’t cook different food for the kids and us. I didn’t realise how crap I was feeling until I started feeling so good.

Where am I now?  I started my first Reboot on 1 May this year.  I have done 3 Reboots and in between have been following Paleo.  I am down 3 dress sizes. I can shop at ‘normal’ shops and buy sexy clothes!! People ask how much weight I have lost.  I really don’t know.  After the first Reboot I chucked the scale.  I decided that I would not be ruled by numbers because if I climbed onto the scale and it shouted back a number at me I wasn’t happy with, I became emotional.  And what happens when I become emotional? I want to inhale a Pizza, a Bubbly chocolate and drink a bottle wine. (LOL)  What continues to motivate me now is how I feel… I feel stronger, sexier and happier than I have done in years and I still have a long way to go body-wise.  I still have wobbly bits… and I am still working on them but I feel like a different person.  A much MUCH happier and healthy person.  I no longer am on any diabetic meds, my sugar levels are normal now and I don’t need sleeping pills to get to sleep anymore.

The next part of my journey is to get this body moving:  I did a 5km Park Run (well more of a crawl / walk) and finishing it (almost last) was like my own personal Comrades.  I wept as I crossed the finish line.  I cannot tell you how much it meant to me that I could actually walk 5kms.  My next step is working with a personal trainer… one that understands how my body works, where I am and what scares me about being a big girl in a gym.  The first few sessions were flippin hard and I thought my body was on fire the day after.  Geez I was stiff… I couldn’t even bend down to put my own underwear on.  My hubby had to help me.  We were both laughing so much!!

I had to learn that being a Sleek Geek isn’t about being thin or skinny, it’s about the healthy choices I had to learn to make for myself, my husband and my family.  Reboot wasn’t about weight loss, it was about getting rid of bad habits and experiencing the benefits of eating clean.  Once you feel that, you will promise yourself that you want to eat as clean as possible FOREVER.  SG Forever!!

Watch this space… I am not done yet.


Natalie You CAN




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