TESTIMONIAL: Alexa Kirkhoff

Alexa Kirkhoff

“WOW!!!!!!!  Still weeks later and I am still shocked and amazed at my weight loss, being right at the top of the list with the most weight lost out of the females and males I am so proud of my hard work and determination to lose the 17.1kg in just 8 weeks, its mind boggling.

Because of these 3 things I did, I achieved my wonderful results:  Support, exercise, and eating clean.

1. SUPPORT:  I had the greatest support group marching behind me, special thanks to 3 very important people in my life, Aunty Angie, who introduced me to the Sleekgeek and my mom and Warren for pushing me to my limits, all three helped me every step of the way, I owe allot to them for my weight loss, supporting me, excising with me and helping me with the right health choices.  I found belonging to all the sleekgeek groups helped allot, with meals suggestions, inspirational stories and just useful information from people going through the same weight problems as you.


2. EATING CLEAN:  Before the challenge I actually did the 30 day reboot and I lost 11 kg, then 2 days later I started the winter challenge and I just carried on eating 95 %  of the REBOOT way for the next 8 weeks.  Eating clean was defiantly the right route to losing weight, because I found it was best for my body, I did no longer suffer from bloating, I had way more energy and it just made me feel healthier.  By just feeling better it made the challenge just that much easier to loose the weight.

3.  EXERCISE:  I was basically exercising 7 days a week, I loved how it was making me feel, specially loved the difference and change to my body.  I joined 2 exercise boot camps,  was walking, riding my exercise bikes, using my weights, ball and matt, doing some sort of fun run or trails on weekends.  I saw a big difference from week 1 to week 8, not only with my physical change, but my mental change to.

I am so thankful that I have lost the weight, I have now lost 30 kg in total and I am still going strong!!!!!! Thank you SLEEKGEEK for motivating me, for encouraging me, and for starting me off on my weight-loss journey!”

– Alexa Kirkhoff, 1st Place, Ladies Weightloss, Winter Challenge 2014

Alexa Kirkhoff