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Is change hard or just inconvenient?

If I put a gun to your head and said if you took a bite of that double cream red velvet chocolate cupcake I would pull the trigger, would you take that bite?

Of course not! You would probably drop it and wet your pants!

So that proves that some things may be hard but they are not impossible.

This is the scenario that was painted by our guest Speaker Brian Berkman at the Cape Town Sleekgeek Dinner two nights ago. Brian lost 70kgs and cured himself of Type2 Diabetes. His talk about changing his life had everyone riveted.

Here is a man who described how he “could not wash his own balls without a handheld shower” which sounds funny now but it is terribly sad. The same man is now filled with youth and vitality, busy enjoying his new life and doing things like Kayaking trips which before he never thought possible.

It got me thinking about how people stubbornly refuse to allow themselves to change because they are in a place of fear, denial and no self belief.

I refust to accept it sleeks! From the bottom of my heart I want you to have the richest, fullest life you can possibly have. I aggressively want that for each and every one of you. So work with me. Meet me half way.

Robert Miller contributed to the group discussion during Brian’s talk, by saying that “change is not hard, it is inconvenient”.

I have spent the last 2 years hearing from people how they “can’t drink coffee without sugar”, “can’t refuse a beer from a friend”, “can’t have eggs without toast” “don’t have time to make breakfast”

… can’t can’t can’t…

Sleeks, if this is you then WAKE UP! What you really mean here is “I won’t” and not “I can’t.”

Do not lie to yourself.

So let’s take the scenario of a piece of delicious piece of cake offered to you at a friend’s tea party.   (If like me, cake does not get you excited then think of something unhealthy you love and eat far too often)

Of course you will hear things like. “One piece won’t kill you”, “You have to live a little”, “Everything in moderation”. You are possibly the one saying these things to yourself.

The thing is that making changes and different choices might seem hard at first but once you have tasted the sweet benefits of improved health and physicality no amount of deliciousness is worth sacrificing the benefits.

I have had many profound benefits in my life since becoming healthy. The upside and positive aspects outweigh any benefit I derived from my unhealthy lifestyle by a factor of a million.

There is no comparison.

I also asked the community for some contribution to what has improved in their lives since they started getting healthier. Once again they echo that getting healthier simply is the best alternative in life. For some inspiration you can see those at the bottom of this post.

So let’s play a little game..

I call it Russian Cake. (Like Russian Roulette but a slower death)

Chose which you would prefer in each scenario:

  • Look and feel younger – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Have more energy to play with your kids – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Live to see your grandchildren – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Fit into “normal” size clothes – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Need an extender belt on an airplane – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Be happier, more relaxed and have better moods. – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Be able to move around freely and participate in active events – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Feel sexy – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Have a more fulfilling sex life – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Rock a swimming costume – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Live a pain free life – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Be a role model to others – OR eat a piece of cake?
  • Keep promises to yourself – OR eat a piece of cake?

How many times did you chose the piece of cake?


So why are you eating the cake??

It is crazy right?

It is because often we do not connect the dots until it is too late. Not anymore sleeks.

Each and every unhealthy decision you make each and every day loads the gun of your life until one day the trigger may be pulled for you.

I’ve said many times you are what you repeatedly do. It is the truth.

If you are one of those people who is in desperate need of a life change but still chooses the cake too often and cannot find the strength to do it then you need to start by doing the following 3 basic and simple things:

1)     Change your mindset to believe that you CAN change. There is enough evidence of people in this community to show that it is possible.

“If you believe you can then you can, if you believe you cannot then you cannot”

2)     Find your reason(s). Make a detailed list of all the reasons WHY you would like to be healthy. Keep the list close by and refer to that list when confronted with a tough decision. Brian Berkman did that.

3)     Take it one day and one meal at a time. Use the mantra “I will be healthy today.” Say that each and every day repeatedly. Days will become weeks, weeks will become months and your old unhealthy life will be a shadow of the past.

I am writing this while sitting on a flight to Johannesburg. I have just had some biltong and nuts I brought with me.

I do not choose cake. I chose life.




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