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10,000 Facebook group member milestone achieved

Dear Sleeks!

I am proud and excited to announce that we have reached the milestone of 10,000 group members in the Sleekgeek Facebook Group. [Join Group]

It feels pretty surreal since I was the very first member in the group. The screen shot below shows our first 8 Group members.

Screenshot 2014-03-19 17.56.29

In honour of marking and acknowledging this moment I am launching a new concept to make the experiences of our community members even more valuable. More about that surprise later in this post….

When I left my corporate job 18 months ago to take on Sleekgeek fulltime I was quoted in public and numerous media interviews saying that,

I have set myself a goal to inspire 100,000 South Africans to live a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that unlocking social networks and creating an active community can achieve this goal. If you can inspire 100, you can 1,000 and 10,000 and so on …. It’s a matter of creating a framework that scales.”

Screenshot 2014-03-13 07.08.54


10,000 is here!

Fast forward and we have now passed 10,000 group members at an impressive growth rate accelerating to an average rate of a 1,000 new group members in Jan, Feb and March 2014.

Screenshot 2014-04-02 16.17.50

Almost 50,000 contact points in 18 months


But Sleekgeek is much broader then a Facebook Group. The community spans other areas with other different audiences. As at April 1 2014 there are:

  • 6,300 Twitter followers [Follow]
  • 9,832 Facebook Fans [Like|
  • 4,908 weeky Newsletter subscribers [Subscribe]
  • 3,523 ladies in our “Sleek Girls” group [Join]
  • 6,181 members of the REBOOT 30 day detox support group [Join]
  • 7-11,000 monthly website visitors to

Though there is some duplication of individual people across the various community platforms Sleekgeek now accesses 49,000 contact points across its network. This is from less then 4,000 18 months ago.

Screenshot 2014-04-02 20.08.38

Once we have factored out duplication the current community is setimated at 15,000 with awareness well beyond that.

Forget the boring numbers…

As exciting as looking at the numbers can be –  it is merely an indication of growth. It tells us that we are going in the right direction. Like a body fat percentage. Like a tape measure recording.

But Sleekgeek is about people. It is about real lives and progress. Sleekgeek is a feed of inspiration and positivity in people’s lives. A support plartform that helps people succeed in making beneficial change.

This is what Sleekgeek does… and what really matters. That is the magic that makes it grow.

These are some of our amazing people.

Screenshot 2014-04-03 01.57.16 Screenshot 2014-04-03 01.57.46 Screenshot 2014-04-03 01.58.58 Screenshot 2014-04-03 01.59.34


In reaching our milestones countless lives have been changed for the better.


Screenshot 2014-04-02 20.34.38

New habits and futures are being formed

Screenshot 2014-04-02 20.35.17

Screenshot 2014-04-02 20.35.34

 Sleekgeeks are proud of our community and love to represent

Screenshot 2014-04-02 20.36.02

We share our inspiration through our transformations

Screenshot 2014-04-03 03.52.11 Screenshot 2014-04-03 03.52.29 Screenshot 2014-04-03 03.52.44


 Our 8 Week Challenges have been a resounding success

Providing value

Screenshot 2014-04-02 21.06.07

Achieving results

Screenshot 2014-04-03 03.58.30




Marking the occassion

It is very important to acknowledge and celebrate success and results.

I want to mark the 10,000 milestone with an enduring gift to the Sleekgeek community. Something meaningful that can provide new avenues for the Sleekgeek community to physically connect in the real world and spend time with one another in a social setting beyond sporadic fitness activities.

I also want the community to receive more education and inspiration.


Introducing the monthly Sleekgeek Dinner (JHB & CT)


The  PERFECT opportunity for you to network with like minded people on similar journeys. You will learn things, you will meet people to exercise with. You may even meet your life partner.

Sleekgeek dinners in a nutshell

  • On the FIRST Tuesday of every month there will be a dinner in Cape Town and Johannesburg (Roughly 7-10pm)
  • Each dinner will feature an expert guest speaker who is tasked to educate and inspire in a 30-40 min presentation.
  • Each dinner a community member will be invited to briefly share their transformation story for 10-15 mins.
  • Food menus will always be healthy in line with Sleekgeek nurtritional values
  • Dinners are non-profit  but members will pay for their meal and a small organisation fee per head in advance to reserve a seat via an online booking system. This fee includes contribution towards the hiring of audiovisual equipment.
  • All are welcome and encouraged – partners, friends, colleagues. We wish that these social events will attract new people into the community.
  • Sleekgeek merchandise will be made available for sale at dinners when in stock

Our members all over the country are valuable to us and dinners will be held in other regions when deemed viable.

  • If you represent a corporate who would like to sponsor the organisation costs of the dinner please contact me on
  • Equally if you would like to speak at a dinner contact me

LAUNCH dinner details (save the date):

I will be flying to JHB for their launch dinner so please NOTE that only for first dinner JHB will take place on a Wednesday night.

CT Dinner

Date: Tuesday 6 May 2014

Screenshot 2014-04-02 18.22.49

Guest speaker: Brett Shuttleworth former SA Supermodel who recently swam to Robin Island as a tribute to Madiba.

Brett will talk to us about his epic swim and the lessons he learned on his journey.

He has achieved the heights of success as a professional sportsman, supermodel, Hollywood actor,  entrepreneur and adventurer.. Corporate Sales Director and Trainer at one of the top Coaching academies world-wide, and now have created myself as one of the top speakers to emerge from South Africa currently.


JHB  Dinner

Date: Wednesday 7 May 2014

Guest speaker: Zac van Heerden

Screenshot 2014-04-02 18.21.54

Zac van Heerden is currently the physiologist/conditioning coach for Bafana Bafana, has worked with 14 PSL teams over the years and was the fitness coach for the Portuguese National Football team during World Cup 2010, working with the likes of Christiano Ronaldo.

He is the founder of Exercise Solutions, an independent sports science company along the lines of the Sports Science Institute in Cape Town and HPC in Pretoria.

Zac has an MSc in medicine, specializing in Applied Physiology.

Event booking for the dinners will be available in the next 2 weeks.

 I look forward to many memorable and inspirational dinner with Sleekgeeks while they connect with one another.

If you are not yet a Facebook Group member join us. [Join Group]

Here is to the next 10,000!




















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