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Nizaam Jacobs sheds 30kgs in 4 months

YOU-CAN_LOGOMost of my life I have been fat, for a short stint in matric I lost weight, probably lost about 10kgs, which put me at 90kgs at 17, I am currently 27yrs old so it was almost 10yrs of bad eating!

I never really took note of my weight unless I stood in the mirror shirtless or the never ending cropping of pictures to hide my gut.

August 2013 2 of my friends wanted me to join Proslim with them starting in September, I always the one making fun of them and saying its easy, it was time to put my money where my mouth is – I had a point to prove!

We created a group chat on Whatsapp, so whenever we had any questions or we felt like giving up, we would push each other to keep going, I was on Proslim for about 3 weeks and lost approximately 7kgs. In this time I also attempted training.



Cardio only, so every day I would get on the treadmill during lunch time and just run, started off with 5mins and eventually moved onto 30mins, then spinning, the first 3days were the hardest. I was irritable and moody, went to bed early to avoid night time snacking. While noticing the results on the scale as I weighed me every morning without fail, I started becoming greedy to lose more weight. Coffee with sweetener became black coffee. I started following the diet to the letter, I wanted results and I wanted it fast.

I then moved to the 13day metabolism diet, which I only did for 7days because I got the flu and had to take meds, This was a hard diet to follow in the beginning – I had suppliers coming for lunch and I had to sit there eating carrots and cheese – but all I kept telling myself is, this is going to be worth it. The endless birthdays & celebrations at work and home was my biggest challenge, but I pushed through it, by this time I was 15kgs down. Feeling good!

After I did the failed 13day – I started doing research, foods that assist with weight loss “superfoods”,   I started eating healthy, no bad carbs, no fatty/oil things, and I started to take note of what I put into my body, reading the nutritional information on everything I bought, which allowed me to make informed decisions on substitutes, I ate half a grapefruit 10 – 30mins before each meal and drank Green Tea 3 times a day. I lost 2kgs the first week, but then I stopped losing weight, more research and chatting to my friends – I found out that I reached my plateau – I wasn’t going to lose any more weight if I continued with what I was doing, I cheated for an entire weekend, telling myself the end justifies the means – Monday came and I was back in the game – by that Friday I had lost 3.5kgs, it’s really a science & I am learning every day,

Picture 291

 My friends gave me a new nickname Diet Hitler, as I am extremely strict on them and myself. I don’t want to hear excuses – I have been there, I told them – if you want honesty, you’ve come to the right place, I don’t sugar coat things, because they’d probably eat that too lol.

At this time I wasn’t in gym for a month due to an ankle injury which made me lazy and it was a good excuse,  every day at work the guys would ask, “are you not training today”, my response would be “my ankle” – to which 1 guy responded “you can’t work chest and arms because your ankle is sore?” – back to gym I went, doing a bootcamp on the first day I was back was not the best decision I made, I trained so hard that I threw up.

My new routines is eating clean for 6 days and then have Sunday off – which I designed perfectly so that I can have Sunday lunch! – I make sure that for my “Off” day – I have fats and sugar – I have learned that it’s all about portion control. For me its 80% what you put into your body (Diet) and 20% Training.

What people might not know about me is, as the Lazy Folk would call it – I have become obsessive, but this is what works for me, making conscious decisions of what I put into my body.

My words of advice:

  1. You did not put on the weight in a day/week – it took months even years – why would losing it be any different? There is no quick fix.
  2. Do it for yourself and no one else, that way if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself – the guilt will either push you to do better or it will break you, You are in control of which way it goes. GET SERIOUS
  3. Find what works for you, do research – knowledge is power!
  4. If you crave something badly, have it – in moderation. Learn self-control – if you can’t – then I suggest you stay away until you can.
  5. After I ate something bad, I ask myself “Was it worth it”
  6. If you have to ask “Is it bad for you” it probably is.
  7. That guilty feeling you get when you cheat – use it as motivation! Let it drive you
  8. People are always going to try and bring you down, they will laugh at your efforts, they will try and influence you, and your attitude towards this will determine their success / failure.
  9. Always go back to the “Why?” why are you doing this? Remember it, remember how you felt when you couldn’t fit into your clothes, or when you looked in the mirror and thought what the hell.
  10. Your action will inspire many – I get numerous emails & messages asking me – how do I do this.


My friends, I did not wake up one morning looking like this – it took hard work, determination & dedication & self-control – if I can do it – trust me, you can too. I know that it’s not easy, nothing worth it has ever been easy, but trust me when I say, you will feel fantastic!

I am proud of myself, it’s taken a lot for me to get where I am, but this is not the end – it’s time to tone & tighten up, my journey continues.

Start today – the only thing you have to lose –  is the Kgs.

Thanks & best of luck


  • Nizaam Jacobs lives in Cape Town


Disclaimer: When Sleekgeek publishes the success stories of people it and its partners do not necessarily promote or endorse the strategies or products used by its featured success story candidates to achieve their results. The purpose of these stories is to inspire others to the possibility that they are able to change their lives in a positive way. Stories are always published in the words of the author and represent their personal opinion.


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