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Lindsay recovered from a heart attack and loses 28 Kgs!

Another wonderful story of courage and persistence on the journey of one of our community member Lindsay Dibowitz. As always we are always grateful when our members share the personal details of their lives with the understanding that it will inspire another person to change.. maybe it will be you?…

Over to Lindsay …..



Beware the Ides of March!

On the 15th of March 2008 I had a heart attack. It was six days after my son Sam was born. It would have been fatal had my husband Martin not been at home with me.

I was in a coma on life support until I could breathe on my own. They put stents into my left ventricle artery.

For two years after that I was scared. I wouldn’t really tell anyone that. I acted so brave and stoic. But to tell the truth, I was petrified it would happen again.

So I did what I had done my whole life. I ate the feelings away. One excuse after another.  I gained about 20 kgs post pregnancy, post HA (heart attack)

I’m not even sure what happened or how it shifted. I actually never really felt all that big. I was in total denial. Always making fat jokes at my own expense, making excuses for my “love” of food.

The intervention

My mom sat me down one afternoon on the 15th July 2010. She cried and begged and pleaded with me. She said I had to get my health under control because she and the rest of my “team” could not go through that again.

I felt so sorry for her. So I went to see a dietician. I still was in denial.

Of course I started to lose some weight but I had done this a million times before. I went to see a bio and she followed me around from treadmill to bike with a blood pressure monitor and took my pulse rate all the time. I HATED it. I hated me; I hated being seen as weak.

Sweat 1000

Come in SWEAT 1000 and Steve Uria. I used to watch my friends doing sweat and absolutely loving it. Everyone around me was getting into this new fitness program and I also wanted to. BUT everyone including my cardiologist said I was mad and it was too hectic. I used to look through the window at all these crazy people like a Garfield car window doll sucked onto the window.

Eventually I did my first SWEAT class. I was like a little girl going bungee jumping. I was so scared. Steve just pushed me over the edge and I have not looked back.  He is my mentor. He just gets me and helps me to keep motivated. He is the reason I love being fit so much.

My teenage years were filled with diets and binge eating. I was obsessed with my weight and like all teenage girls obsessed with myself and of what my friends thought of me. Yoyo is a total understatement. Physically and emotionally.

In fact up until 3 years ago it was pretty much the same story.

Blessing in disguise

Having the HA changed my life in so many ways. In hindsight it’s the best thing that ever happened. I don’t walk around everyday thinking “shew my life is cool, I’m so lucky, what a beautiful day, I love life” In fact quite the opposite.

I have almost become a little arrogant. I dodged death. I am invincible. I can do anything.  (Obviously not quite but I’d like to think so)

After a few weeks of doing SWEAT I felt so much stronger. I could actually run. I could actually lift a weight and nothing would happen to me. It made me so determined to get strong again. I started feeling confident again.

This is when it all shifted from wanting to be thin to being healthy, strong and fit. I loved the feeling. It was totally addictive. Pushing myself just that much further every time. I began to challenge my heart. How hard could I push etc.

I made myself a chart with goals on it. I would tick off every day. Each day I would assess how I was feeling. I started to treat myself as a recovering addict.

I had that chart up in my PJ’s cupboard for a year. I took the better part of 2010/11 to lose the majority of my weight. I started to feel like I was an athlete (you see arrogant)

I ate carefully. I dropped my portion size. I ate at home more. I increased my protein. I prepared my food for the day. I dropped all the white food and sugar. Most importantly I drank water all the time. That is a big factor is shifting your weight.

Picture 921

Finding the balance

It was so hard. In fact each day since I started my journey is still hard. I am like an alcoholic. If I just have a little sip I fall off the wagon. This was hard because I needed to have a balance and not feel like I had thrown it all away every time I ate something unhealthy.

So now when I go on holiday which is about every three months or so I totally let myself go. I rest. I don’t train. I eat as much as I want. Yes I put on weight. Yes I get lazy. But it allows me to enjoy certain foods that I love. Most of all it reminds me how Yuk I feel when I don’t “eat clean”. It reminds me how my body needs healthy food to function and be strong.

I have lost 28 kgs since I started.

It’s all been from changing my outlook from being thin to being healthy and strong. Maybe I just grew up!

I have also learnt to set big goals all the time to keep motivated. I.e. Ride the Argus (haven’t ridden a bike since I was 14), run a 10km race and register ahead of time.

So my next BIG goal is to complete the half iron man as my 40th birthday present to myself.  (Hold thumbs)

Think big. If I can do it anyone can.

Lindsay XX




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